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Transcript nCode DSC Enroll Guide - E

Welcome  Procedure to: –Enroll/Register –Download –Making of PFX.

E Seva Fiscal Pvt Ltd [email protected]

Login to (n)code site

Feed User Name

Select Your DSC to Login the Panel

Click Customer Registration

Fill Payment Authorisation No.

Click on Insert

Fill the information of the applicant

Please verify the name, email id & PAN.

Click on Submit

Write the Customer Identification No. on the application form

Go to you mail box, and click on email verify

Screen of confirmation of email verification

Click Add More to go Main Screen

Click on Pending Request

Select Corporate in Customer Type and click “List all Customer”

Select Document payment option

Please verify the documents attached with form, if Passport, DL, Voterid, Ration Card is selected in ‘A’, than no need to select documents in ‘B’ and Press Approve

Please Click on Retry Option

Download Procedure follows from next slide You will received password mail in your inbox. After receipt of mail, further process can be done for download of DSC

Password mail will be received at your email from [email protected]

as shown in picture.

This window will open, please go to your password email .

Copy the Reference Number from you email.

Paste the Reference Number as below

Copy Authorisation code from email

Paste Authorisation Code

Press Submit Request and Press OK

Click Yes

Message of successful download of DSC

Procedure of making Digital Signature file (PFX )is following in next slides.

Click Tools and select Internet Options

Select Contents and click Certificates

Go to Personal Tab and select the client name and click Export.

Press Next

Select, first option and than click Next

Select 1 st & 2 nd option as shown below. Option may differ in different Operating System

Put PFX password. Do not forget this, otherwise you will not able to use the DSC.

Browse for the path where you want to save the PFX file

Give the file name of pfx

Press next

Press Finish

Press Ok

Press ok

PFX file (DSC) is generated in the folder where you give path

Please keep the backup of pfx file because one you lost it you cannot regenerate it.

THANKS E Seva Fiscal Pvt Ltd