Finding and using Trimble Style sheets

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Transcript Finding and using Trimble Style sheets

TS02 Webinar for Technical
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Finding and using Trimble Style sheetsTrimble Access, Survey Controller,
ASCII File Generator and Trimble
Business Center (TBC)
Seiler Instrument
January 7, 2013
Today’s Webinar
What are Style sheets tools
Where to find Style sheets
Where to store Style sheets
How to use Style sheets in each tool
How to perform basic edits to customize
Style sheets
• How to request a custom Styles sheet be
Style sheets tools
• Field data collectors
– Trimble Access
– Survey Controller v11x, 11.2x or
• ASCII File Generator
• Job Report Generator in TBC
On Data Collector
Custom File Exporting
 A JobXML format file is created automatically in
the background of the export
Custom File Exporting
Controlling the Output
 Some Style sheets ask user to define some
settings after selecting
Downloading new Style sheets
• under Trimble Access and
Survey Controller
– Custom export and reports
– Stakeout style sheets
• Some Style sheets are automatically
included with initial installation Support list A-Z
• Select Trimble Survey Controller on TSC2
– Select Downloads and documentation
• Trimble Survey Controller Style sheets Support list A-Z
• Select Trimble Access
– Select Downloads
Custom Export Style Sheets
Style Sheets for As-staked Deltas Display
Style Sheets for Road Definition Files
Style Sheets for Tunnel Data
Trimble Access Monitoring Style Sheets
Area computation report (SC 12.4+)
Comma delimited with multiple stake elevs
Comma Delimited with notes
Point comparison report
Points and notes report
Productivity Report
Volume computation report
• List of XSL on the web
Examples of export Style sheets
• GPS Calibration report
This GPS Calibration report style sheet reports the
details of the GPS calibration in a job.
• Computed station and offset values
Use this style sheet to compute the station and offset
values for the points in the job based on the specified
Trimble road definition.
Zip files
• Actual output HTML report
Where to put XSL Style Sheet
• On Data collector
– Survey Controller in the Trimble Data folder
– Trimble Access in Trimble Data/System Files
• On Computer
– Any folder
Reports in The Field
• Generate more complex reports, designed
for office viewing, directly in the field
• Use AccessSync to send reports back to
the office where they can be viewed or
• Use a thumb drive, ActiveSync or Mobile
device manager to copy them off the data
collector to the office
Text File Report Example
Rounds Observation Report
Roads Cut Sheet Report
Tunnel Module Reporting
Monitoring Module Reporting
Monitoring Module Reporting
Office Quality Control Report
Exporting Data Files
• DXF Style sheet export
The DXF File in AutoCAD
KML Style sheet export
• Google Earth
• Displays the
Rename any XSL
• Users can rename any of the Style sheets
to make it easier for field staff
• Example: “KML file” can be renamed
Google Earth export.
Stakeout Style sheets
Customize As-Staked views
• All the stakeout screens are controlled by
Style sheet files in the System Files folder
• The stakeout report style sheets all have
the file extension .sss
• Using style sheets for this reporting
means that it is possible to:
– Control what is displayed
– Carry out computations on the staked data
– Conditionally present data or messages
SSS Stakeout Style sheet
• Use the Options soft key on the stake out
screens to choose the Staked deltas format
style sheet:
SSS Stakeout Style sheet
• In Survey Style 
Stakeout delta
format setting
• Select the sss
Customized Stakeout Reports
The default point
stakeout deltas
An example of a
customized point
stakeout deltas
Customized Stakeout Reports
• The standard road stakeout Position on Road
method report
Customized Stakeout Reports
• Position on Road staking method with a
custom vertical conformance report style
sheet – provides immediate feedback:
Too high
Too low
Customized Stakeout Reports
Just right!
Stake Mark-up Report
• Customize the Stakeout style sheet to
standardize what goes on a stake or lath
SSS Stakeout Style sheet
Where to put SSS Style Sheet
• On Data collector
– Survey Controller in the Trimble Data folder
– Trimble Access in Trimble Data/System Files
• On Computer
– Won’t use on computer.
ASCII File Generator
Office Reports
• Create reports in the office
• The ‘ASCII File Generator’ utility program,
available for installation from the Trimble
Web site
• Uses Survey Controller and Trimble
Access .JOB files or JobXML, Road RXL
and XML files
Office Reports
• If a job file is too big to run an XML Style
sheet script in the field- the ASCII file
generator will run it in the office with the
computing power of the PC rather than
the Data collector
Install ASCII file generator
• Install utility
• Certain XSL style sheets come with the
Run ASCII file generator
installed under
Trimble Data
Office Reports
• Select the appropriate downloaded file
• Select the required output format style
Office Reports
• Set user variables with appropriate settings
Trimble Business Center
TBC new ribbon interface
Old TBC interface
• Edit data as needed
• Export to a JobXML
• Select Tools  Job
Report generator
• Select JobXML
• Select Style sheet
• Set Save as file
• Verify settings
• Tap OK
Point Comparison XSL
Creating New Style Sheets
• Style sheet definitions can be very
• The best place to start is by modifying
existing style sheets
• Since XML files and XSLT style sheets
are ‘industry standard’ there are many
third party developers available who are
familiar with the technology e.g. Web
• C:\Trimble Survey Controller\Custom
ASCII Files\Comma delimited with RMS,
date and time.xsl
Requesting a custom Style
• Send your Seiler rep a detailed digital
Be specific- if it needs to be column exact
If it needs to be sorted or grouped
File extension needed
Do you want Header information
• Always send a JOB file they can test the
Style sheet on
• Be prepared to wait- these sometimes take
Site Calibration report
Many cut sheets
Comma delimited with RMS, Date and
• CSV with notes
• CSV with attributes- with tags and
• XSL and SSS Style sheets can be used:
– On Data Collectors
• Survey Controller (version dependent)
• Trimble Access
– On Computer
• ASCII File generator utility (especially large files)
• Trimble Business Center
• Reports, Computations and File formats
• Change what Stakeout screens look like
• Using XSLT style sheets provide a very
powerful means of producing:
– Nicely formatted reports either directly on the
device, on the office computer, using the
ASCII File generator utility program or TBC
– Specific format output files ready for import
directly into a range of office software
– As staked details showing you exactly the
details you need while in the field
Thank You