SRAS - Building State Capacity and Productivity Center

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Transcript SRAS - Building State Capacity and Productivity Center

Managing Performance
in the System of Support
A Guide for Providing Technical Assistance to SEAs
for Assessing and Improving their
System of Recognition, Accountability, and
Managing Performance in the System of
Support: A document with 52 rubric-based
indicators of a comprehensive system of
recognition, accountability, and support
Technical Assistance Guide: A guide for the
BSCP Center and RCC to provide TA for an
SEA Team.
: An online system improvement tool
to guide the SEA Team’s implementation of
its planned improvements to the SRAS.
BSCP Center
SEA Leadership Team appointed by Chief
Regional Comprehensive Center
To describe a framework for partnering
among the Regional Centers, SEAs and the
BSCP Center
To describe the responsibilities of each
To outline the project deliverables
1. Training for the Regional Center Staff
2. Enlisting the SEA
3. Forming the SEA Team
4. Assessing the Current System
5. Planning and Implementing Improvement
6. Ongoing Support from the BSCP Center
7. Milestones and Deliverables
Understanding the team approach in
working with the SEA
Understanding the commitment for ongoing
work with the SEA to see real change
The Regional Centers, BSCP, and/or the
USDOE makes SEAs aware of potential
assistance with their SRAS
BSCP staff along with the Regional Center
meet with the Chief to outline roles,
responsibilities, and expected outcomes
Regional Center, Chief, and the BSCP Center
sign Letter of Agreement
Designated by Chief, with guidance from
Led by Deputy or Assistant Superintendent
Includes key department leaders
Discusses agenda and scheduling with BSCP
Two-day initial training
Twice-monthly meetings of about 1 hour
Monthly call with RCC and the BSCP Center
Periodic Reports to the Chief
Annual meeting at one-year marker
SEA Team assesses its SRAS status by
producing an agreed-upon profile for each
of the 52 indicators.
The SEA Team concurrently develops it’s
priority and opportunity scores.
The SEA Team enters its scores into the
IndiSEATM system improvement tool.
SEA Team meets twice each month to
discuss progress on the Indicators they
have selected to work on.
RCC staff help the SEA Team develop and
implement their plan for improving the
SRAS according to the selected Indicators.
RCC and BSCP staff helps the SEA Team
select new indicators as the SEA progresses
on its initial selection.
BSCP Center staff will hold a monthly call
with the RCC liaison to the SEA and with
one or more members of the SEA team to
provide supportive consultation.
This phone call could coincide with one of
the bimonthly SEA Team meetings.
BSCP periodically reports to the CSSO on
The SEA Team with the assistance of BSCP
prepare one-year progress report.
RCC and the BSCP Center meet for one day
with SEA Team.
During that SEA Team meeting, the Chief
will review progress and the SEA Team will
present its plan for next steps.
SRAS Profile from 52 rubric-based essential
Plan and implementation documented in
IndiSEATM, with downloadable reports
Operations Manual for the SRAS
One-Year Progress Report and Next Steps
IndiSEA™ is a trademark of Edvance Research, Inc. and the Academic
Development Institute, used by permission for work in the Building
State Capacity and Productivity Center.