What Is a DBQ?

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What Is a DBQ?

• An essay question that asks you to take a position on an issue that has several possible answers • No “right” or “correct” response • You must craft a thesis based on your own knowledge and your interpretation of the evidence presented 2

DBQ Documents

• Charts, graphs, and maps • Newspaper articles/editorials • Speeches • Letters • Diaries • Laws • Treaties • Executive orders • Editorial cartoons 3

Effectively use at least 80% of the documents

• In order to use a document effectively, you must: – Indicate its significance (what does it represent? What does it reveal about the topic?) – Provide factual “outside” information surrounding the document (information that is not explicitly provided in the document) • Ex: Salem Witch Trials (Mary Easty & Petition for Bail documents) – Discuss the two teenage girls who started it, their motives, how many people died, etc) 4

Two-sentence direct quote maximum

• If you quote a statement from a document, keep it short!

• The person grading your essay already read the documents. So don’t rewrite large chunks of them.

• ALWAYS explain the importance of a quote that you included in your essay.

• Never end a paragraph with a long quote.


Prompt Analysis Format


The Question

• Read the question carefully, then think about the following: • What is the essence of the question?

• Is it a yes/no, “to what extent,” or “compare and contrast” question?

• Does it have more than one part?

• Are there bullets provided?

• Is there a choice of responses?


Date Parameters

• Does the question state specific dates? What are they?

• If no specific date parameters are given, set ones of your own • List presidents of the period (if applicable) • Put the question in chronological context of the events and culture of the period 8

Construct a Database

• Use a database to organize outside information you know that may be relevant to the question • Write down headings on the back of your test booklet • Create the database before you read the documents • Next, read the documents and add any other info to your database that occurs to you 9