Project Network Analysis CPM/PERT

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Transcript Project Network Analysis CPM/PERT

Bhupendra Ratha, Lecturer
S. L. I. Sc.,
D.A.V.V., Indore
Email Id: [email protected]
Project Evaluation and Review Technique
– U S Navy (1958) for the POLARIS missile
– Multiple task time estimates (probabilistic nature)
– Activity-on-arrow network construction
– Non-repetitive jobs (R & D work)
Need of PERT/CPM
Prediction of deliverables
 Planning resource requirements
 Controlling resource allocation
 Internal program review
 External program review
 Performance evaluation
 Uniform wide acceptance
Use of PERT
In construction activities
 Transportation activities
 In oil refineries
 Computer system For manufacturing electric generator machines
 Medical and surgical sector
 Library activities
Importance of PERT system
Reduction in cost
Saving of time
Determination of activities
Elimination of risk in complex activities –
Evaluation of alternativesUseful in effective controlUseful in decision making
Useful is research work
History of CPM
Critical Path Method (CPM)
– E I Du Pont de Nemours & Co. (1957) for
construction of new chemical plant and maintenance
– Deterministic task times
– Activity-on-node network construction
– Repetitive nature of jobs
CPM calculation
– A connected sequence of activities leading from
the starting event to the ending event
Critical Path
– The longest path (time); determines the project
Critical Activities
– All of the activities that make up the critical path
Procedure of PERT/CPM
Develop a list of activities that make up
 Estimate the completion time for each activity.
 Draw a project network and t
Benefits of CPM/PERT
Useful at many stages of project management
Mathematically simple
Give critical path and slack time
Provide project documentation
Useful in monitoring costs
Limitations to CPM/PERT
Clearly defined, independent and stable activities
 Specified precedence relationships
 Over emphasis on critical paths
 Deterministic CPM model
 Activity time estimates are subjective and depend on judgment
 PERT assumes a beta distribution for these time estimates, but
the actual distribution may be different
 PERT consistently underestimates the expected project
completion time due to alternate paths becoming critical