`Aligning BIBFRAME with The Schema/Bib Extend Model` © OCLC

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Transcript `Aligning BIBFRAME with The Schema/Bib Extend Model` © OCLC

Carol Jean Godby, Senior Research Scientist, OCLC BIBFRAME Update session, ALA 2013 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Aligning BIBFRAME with The Schema/Bib Extend model

The world’s libraries. Connected.

Bibliographic Descriptions in Schema.org: Rationale

• Increase the visibility of library resources in the major search engines.

• Engage at the W3C level for representation of library data.

• Address defects in the Schema model for representing bibliographic data.

The world’s libraries. Connected.

The context

• OCLC’s alpha release of linked data for WorldCat.org.

• The BIBFRAME Early Experimenters group.

• The Schema Bib Extend W3C Community group. • OCLC’s experiments with SchemaBibEx and BIBFRAME.

The world’s libraries. Connected.

Schema.org and BibFrame: big alignments Data coverage



Modeling detail

The world’s libraries. Connected.


• Representation of FRBR Works and Expressions in Schema.org

• Alignment of BIBFRAME Authorities and Annotations • Moving beyond the Dublin Core-like description The world’s libraries. Connected.

A recommended division of labor

SchemaBibEx advocates lead

• Evaluate Schema.org for library descriptions. • Negotiate with Schema.org to adopt changes.

• Map BIBFRAME concepts to Schema.org.


• Develop BIBFRAME and harmonize with other post MARC standards.

• Work with specialized libraries to expand BIBFRAME’s descriptive capacity.

• Map MARC concepts to BIBFRAME.

The world’s libraries. Connected.

For more information

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• Schema Bib Extend Community Group – W3C. • http://www.w3.org/community/schemabibex/ The world’s libraries. Connected.

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