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Present by KTCC (Korea Thailand Communication Center) www.k-tcc.com

Overview Korea wave History in Thailand.

Various Korea waves in Thailand .

Economic Effects Weak points & Suggestions




Korea wave means the enthusiasm of Asian for the Korean popular culture.

Korea wave in Thailand started lately compared to Japan, China .

Korea wave influencing every fields not only Thai Drama, Music, Game but also food, cosmetics, life style, product, etc.

Purpose of this report: Analyze history and economic effect of Korea wave in Thailand and propose ideal suggestions for Korea and Thailand.


Increasing interest of Korea wave in Thailand !

First Korean Drama in Thailand


After that

2002===5 Drama

2008=45 Drama

2003~2010:Total 180 Drama on-aired in Thai TV

Korean Drama

Main factor, boom up korea wave in Thailand

Spread Rapidly

Rain case


Increasing interest of Korea wave in Thailand


 ‘Rain’ first concert in Thailand. [Rainy Day]  2004 first show case in Bangkok  2years after ‘Full House’ shooting, February 26, 2006  Impact Arena concert hall. 10,000seats  Ticket sold out within 2days, Ticket price: The cheapest THB900 The most Expensive THB6,000B


Increasing interest of Korea wave in Thailand


 JYP audition after concert for searching the second Rain in Thailand.  KTCC was main sponsor.

 More than 300 applicants.  Several TV, Newspaper and magazine appear on this audition.


 During 4yeras from 2001 –  Broadcasted not more than 20 dramas.

 After 2003 Thai TV and production bought Korean drama competitively. Main TV ch7, ch3, and iTV Broadcasting Korean drama at prime time of weekend. Drama


Number of Korean Drama


Korean Drama

Dae jang geum Export 65 countries


2008 Korean Drama Export

Total 180,000,000US$

2006. 5. Survey for Thai people(by KTCC)

1)Korea image compare with 5 years ago==97% better

2)TV drama effect===62.2%

3)Do you know Rain?==78% yes

4)Korean star model will affect your purchase? 58% positive.


Korean Music


Before 2003~2004: European and Japanese music was popular

Like Grammy, the largest music company in Thailand, try to buying Korean music and OST.

Grammy and Korean album


9, 2008

29, 2009

17, 2010

13 album new launching during 4years==more than 70 Korean album launching

Rain’s first album: sold 50,000 pieces just 2weeks.

‘Full house’ OST album: sold over 50,000 piece.


Korean Music

Thai music market per year:

20,000,000,000B  Korean music market share:17.5% 

10% increase per year

Channel V 2009 Asian music top 50:Korean music 41


 Easy to find the ‘Korean book’  ‘Daejanggeun’ began the bestseller in two weeks after published.  Thai publishing company, magazine get interest in Korean star , fashion, culture, tour etc.

 Jamsai published 180 Korean books Book


Korean Language

 Thai university adopted Korean language curriculum.

1986: Songkla university adopted Korean language as an optional course.

1989: Chulalongkorn university open Korean language curriculum.

2000: Burapa university: Korean language adopted as a major.

2004: Chulalongkorn university established Korea center.  20 Thai university teaching Korean language.(Major 7 university)


 The number of Thai people who visit Korea 2004  Over 100,000  2004~2009, average increasing rate 13.28% per year.

 After 2004 similar increasing rate with Korean drama number and Korean wave Travel

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009




Number 87,883 73,127 73,972 78,243 102,588 112,724 128,555 146,792 160,687 190,972 Rate(%)











1 0 5 23 8 14 24 21 45 38



 Korean Star Advertisement  Young generations like Korea. Korean style and fashion. Hope to visit Korea.

Want to using Korean product.

    Cosmetic brand and Snack for youth  Korean Model Korean style advertisement, Korea wave marketing.

 Many Korean star fan clubs in Thailand.

Super junior, Bigbang estimate over 200,000 Travel


 Thai women 78.25%:purchased Korean cosmetic 

Etude House:3,000,000US$ per year

Skinfood: 6,000,000US$ per year

 2010. 1  FTA    Fan club 1)Super junior:27,802 2)Total korean fan club:about 200,000 Travel

On-line Game

 2009  Cabal, Luna, RayCity, Special, Force, Audition  Top 5 All Korean games   2008 Luna  Member 150,000 in 15days after launching  Thai on-line game market 3,500,000 users.

Korean game market share 71%(2009) Game

Animation & cartoon

 Dream of jang geum, SF children Drama  Why series  First step==Expanding more and more with government exporting policy.

 2009 korea aim export 830,000,000 US$  Make 6,000 jobs  I phone, 3D Game


Korean government policy.

 Korean government recognized the importance of Korean wave in Thailand.  A few years ago Cabinet council hosted by prime minister. designated Thailand as a ‘Korean wave spreading country’. Anti-Korea symptom in China and Vietnam. The number of Korean company in Thailand=>300(2010)/ Estimate


Economic Effect

 2009 Japan+China+Vietnam+Taiwan  130,000,000,000 Thai Baht ) 4,062,500,000US$ reported by Korea foundation (한화 4조9336억원(1,300억바트)  Same value with Hyundai car 146,000  2005(survey by The Korea International Trade Association)  Vat value:40,000,000,000B(400억바트)   GDP 0.18% increased.

 Food and cosmetic exportation increased  NHK 2003 Bae Young Joon effect in Japan  100,000,000US$

Economic Effect

Hyundai car  2007:66 2008:898 2009:1,788 (market share below 1%) Policy Korea Thai chamber of commerce official member 2008=84 2009= 133 2010=155 Korean mobile cintents market share 28% in



Weak point of Korea wave in Thailand

 Copyright problem  Broker without responsibility  Limitations  Just popular for young generation.  Movie unpopular  Japan contents vigor


Korea wave Expanding condition

Samsung economic research institute 

Samsung 2002. Aanjaewook IN CHINA

 

Moniter model:1999 430,000-1,070,000(2000) Lg Kimmamjoo in Vietnam

     

Global group also using korean model Chojiwoo-Christchan d Jeonjihyun-Olympus Leeyoungan sinwha- Cocacola KFC-KIMCHI burger in taiwan

Product Year 1991 1998 2000 2001 2003

Korea wave in Thailand

- Korea wave and product Product Hyundai selling car in Thai market. Thai university adopted Korean language as a major. LG began to sell refrigerator. Korean movie ‘My sexy girl’ got sensation in Thailand. Drama ‘Autumn in my heart’ on air. Korean on line game ‘Nagnalok’ cause social problem.

‘Winter love song’ on air.

Samsung mobile phone V200 hold the second rank in Thai mobile market.


Korea wave in Thailand

Year 2004 ~ 2005 2006 Product Thai people visit Korea 100,000 On-line game pang-a serviced. CH7 ‘Full house’ on air, ‘Rain’ effect. Korean cosmetic ‘The face shop’ launched. CH3 ‘Daejanggeum’ on air.

(first Korean history drama) LG using ‘Daejanggeum’ actress as TV air condition model in Thailand.

Coca-cola using Korean group ‘Shin-Hwa’ as TV model. Rain, Sin Hwa, Dong bang sin ki concert in Bangkok

Korea wave in Thailand

Year 2007 ~ Product 2007 Hyundae car re launched 2008 Thai TV on-aired 48 Korean series 2009 on line game market share 71%

Skinfood 200,000,000THAI B

Thai people visit Korea 190,000 2010 Korean language 20 Univesities super junior fan club 27,802 Product

Korea wave in Thailand


Analysis  Analysis & Prospect of the Korea wave in Thailand.

Similar culture.

Thailand Buddhism and Korean Confucianism. Thai people can easily understand and agree on Korean culture seeing Korean TV series.

 Thai people’s friendly feeling to foreigners. No discrimination to the minority in Thailand. Thailand was the trade center of western and Oriental.  The excellence of Korean popular culture.

Korea entertainment business developed very fast and strong.

KTCC Movie  Hello Stranger  As it happened

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