Flexible Screens

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Flexible Screens

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Samsung Flexible Display

(0:45) • • • • YOUM brand name.

OLED technology Made of plastic • No glass involved The phone will not shatter if dropped.

• Phone can bend back and forth


Nicholas Sheridon

• The father of E-paper • Gyricon • The ability to display images onto a flexible background and re-use that same material. • • Cost-inefficient Gyricon and E-paper never had much success, but was on the right track.

OLED Technology

• Organic Light-Emitting Diode • Similar to LED, but produce more natural light.

• • More energy efficient and smaller.

Can be placed on plastic.

OLED’s and Flexible Screens

OLED’s allow for curved edges.

• More room is available for content.

OLED’s allow for screens to be made of materials other than glass.

• LED’s need a glass support for the backlight. Less efficient than OLED’s.


Comparison of Flexible Screens (OLED's) vs. LCD Screens (LED)


Flex Screens (OLED)

High: Cannot mass produce. Low cost technology isn't available yet. Low: Ability to mass produce.

LCD Screens (LED)

Durability Weight Speed Applications Durable: Mostly made of plastic. More susceptible to water though.

Lighter: Potential to be just a thin sheet of plastic.

Faster: More responsive to touch.

Fragile: Screen is made of glass and will shatter Heavier: Requires glass and more support layers.

Slower: Older technology Unlimited: Can be applied to curved or round services.

Limited: Requires a flat, straight surface.


• Technology isn’t good enough to produce a finished product.

• • • Melting problems Materials are expensive Materials are hard to find and develop • Need to create a demand

• LG • Nokia • Toshiba • Sony • Samsung


Vision of the Near Future

• • •

Flexible screens benefit more than just phone technology.

Might become an essential part in our everyday lives.

OLED’s can be placed anywhere!

• Buildings • • • Pillars Car windshields Clothes

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