GACE Program Admission Assessment

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Transcript GACE Program Admission Assessment

EDUC 2110
Summer 2014
Dr. William D. Impey
Education Student Services  KH 1314
Revised 05/24/14
 Admission to Teacher Education is
separate from admission to KSU.
• All students applying to teacher
education must Register with the
Georgia Professional Standards
Commission (GaPSC) to create a MyPSC
account and obtain a PSC ID#.
• Include your PSC ID# on the teacher
education application.
• Continue personal information
• Enter primary email
• Program Provider: Kennesaw State University
• A temporary password will be sent to the email
• Open email in new tab or browser to retrieve
temporary password
• Copy temporary password and go back to
PSC screen and continue
• Paste temporary password
• Create new password (password
requirements on the right side).
Note this password!
• Submit: Congratulations! Select “Login”
Teacher Education Admission Criteria
GACE Program Admission Assessment
Exemption Options:
• Passed all three GACE Basic Skills assessments or
• SAT – Min. 1000* (Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) or
• ACT – Min. 43* (English + Math) or
• For GRE and additional exemption options, visit
* SAT scores prior to April 1, 1995, and ACT scores prior to
1989, were “recentered,” typically adding points. See the
certification officer for additional information.
Where might I find my exemption scores?
• Original score report
• KSU OWL Express
• Transcripts
- college/high school
• Testing company ($$)
Official supporting documentation
required if not on Owl Express
Teacher Education Admission Criteria
If not exempt ……
GACE Program Admission Assessments
(formerly GACE Basic Skills)
Must have your PSC ID# and PSC
approval to register for GACE
Program Admission Assessment.
GACE Program Admission Assessment
Online registration:
Program Admission Test I – Reading (200)
Program Admission Test II – Mathematics (201)
Program Admission Test III – Writing (202)
Program Admission Combined Test I, II, and III (700)
Upcoming Testing Dates:
June 7 – June 27, 2014
July 12– July 31, 2014
August 9 – August 29, 2014
September 6, 2014
September 9 – September 17, 2014
GACE Program Admission Assessment
• Three tests: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing
• The Reading and Mathematics tests consist of
selected-response questions
• The Writing test consists of selected-response
questions and two constructed-response (written)
• Passing score required for each test
• Tests are administered at approved computer
testing centers
How do I prepare for
GACE Program Admission Tests?
• Preparation materials available on the GACE website
• Math tutoring:
 Lifelong Learning Center (Carmichael Student Center 261)
 Math Lab (Library 433)
• Writing Center (EB 242)
• Student Success Services (ex. test-taking strategies, test anxiety)
• Student Development: Carmichael Student Center
Teacher Education Admission Criteria
• Completed 45 semester hours of coursework from
accredited institutions
• GPA Requirements
≥ 2.75 KSU AGPA (adjusted GPA) AND
≥ 2.75 Education Transfer GPA (ETGPA)
ETGPA includes general education (Areas A- E)
and lower division courses required for major
Teacher Education Admission Criteria
EDUC 2110 with grade of C or higher
Cleared Background Check
A positive teacher recommendation
EDUC 2110 Instructors have three choices:
• Recommended or
• Recommended with reservations or
• Not recommended
 You do not need to request the recommendation
from your EDUC 2110 instructor
Teacher Education Admission Criteria
• Professional, responsible behavior in all classes,
field experiences, and interactions with peers,
faculty, and staff
• Positive evaluations in field experiences
• Satisfied any additional admission requirements
specified by a major
 ARED, FLED, HPE, MUED students…see
your department advisor for additional
program requirements
Teacher Education Application
• Obtain an application at TEAC (KH 1314) or online
• KSU Advisor’s Signature: ECE, MGE and History
Education – signed by TEAC
online appointment scheduling
• Advisors in other program areas listed on
brochure or TEAC website Contacts
• Return completed applications to TEAC (KH 1314)
Teacher Education Application
Application DEADLINES
For Spring 2015…
Submit Application
August 30 - October 30
You do NOT have to have completed all the
requirements for admission to the teacher
education program at the time of application
Activate your KSU Email
You have been approved for
admission into Teacher
International Study Abroad and
Student Teaching Opportunities
Costa Rica