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Practising Certificate Module
Integrated Electronic Litigation System
Brief introduction to the PC Module
Filing the PC application
Filing documents for Notice of Change of Particulars
Brief introduction to the PC Module
• One-stop shop
• Replacement of former PC E-filing System
• eLitigation integration
Preparing for PC filings
• Step 1: Register for eLitigation
Full access or limited access to PC Module only
includes putting in place GIRO arrangements
Visit  “Get Ready” to learn how to sign
• Step 2: Ensure that applicant has a personal
eLitigation account and SingPass ID and Password
BOTH lawyer and lawyer (view only) roles CAN file PC
applications and incur charges for such applications
Preparing for PC filings
• Step 3: Ensure that all supporting documents ready
Accountants’ reports (if required) or exemptions
Indemnity Insurance Certificate
AGC-issued Certificate of Registration (for section 130N
• Applicants without any eLitigation access must make
application via the Lawnet Service Bureaux.
• Step-by-Step Guide may be found by
elitigation website (
 Reference Centre
 Application for Practising Certificate
Key Features of the PC Module
• Single consolidated form for filing of PC applications
• Single point of payment for outstanding amounts due
to the Supreme Court Law Society, the Singapore
Academy of Law
NB: Payments pertaining to a practice year other than the
year for which an application is being made must still be
paid directly to the relevant agency.
Key Features of the PC Module
• 3 primary types of application forms
Singapore Law Practice
Foreign Law Practice (divided into sub-categories limited by
Locum Practice
Sample Application
• Sample application form
Pre-populated information
Key Features of the PC Module
• Application can only be made by the applicant using
his personal eLitigation account and his AAS Number
(eg. AAS100/2013)
• Automatic service of application on all external
agencies  no need to visit LawSoc/SAL/AGC
separately and no need to select parties to be
served in Step 3 of the application.
Key Features of the PC Module
• Payment deducted automatically upon submission of
application but subject to clearance of funds.
• No further action required after submission unless
directed to do so. Please allow time for the external
agencies and Supreme Court to process application.
• Applicant must monitor his eLitigation inbox for
updates on the PC application.
Filing a
Notice of Change of Particulars
• Two types of Notice of Change of Particulars
• Form will be automatically selected depending on
whether filing is via AAS number or PC number
• Solicitor with PC issued in current Practising Year
File using PC Number
• Solicitor without a PC issued in current Practising
File using AAS Number
Locating AAS number
and PC number
• Case file “Documents” Tab
Filing a
Notice of Change of Particulars
• Screenshots showing both types of Notices
• When composing forms, type new information in
yellow fields
Filing a
Notice of Change of Particulars
• Automatic service on relevant agencies
• For FAQs on foreign law firms, please visit Supreme
Court website (  Services
 Practising Certificates E-Filing Service
• More information can also be found in the FAQs
section under the category entitled “Practising
Certificate (PC)”
PC Application and support
• PC filing – avoid last minute : all lawyers are encouraged to file early
All lawyers can file through the eLitigation system
− if their law firm practice is a registered user of eLitigation and
− applicant has been designated as an authorised user of eLitigation
− payment arrangement is by way of GIRO electronic payment only
For solicitor whose firm is not currently a subscriber to eLitigation
 they can only make an application through the Service Bureaux
PC Application and support
Arrangements are made to support all lawyers in their filing
Our Service Bureaux will provide for additional load on PC filing
All our helpdesk are trained to answer and support queries on PC
Lawyers can also walk-in to file at Law Society. Assistance will be
For any query, please call CrimsonLogic helpdesk at 6887 7222 or email