Introducing CoreScanner

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Transcript Introducing CoreScanner

Switching to Core Vocabulary
Christine Kramlich, M.Ed.
PRC consultant of GA
[email protected]
CoreScanner™ is a progressive
vocabulary program specifically designed
for individuals with physical disabilities,
who best access augmentative
communication technology (AAC) through
the use of a switch.
Why CoreScanner?
Because we believe children who need AAC
can use language not only to get their needs
met, but to connect with people, talk about
the past and dream about the future.
…regardless of their
physical abilities.
Key Features
• Beta tested for over a
year with children across
a range of abilities and
• 6 progressive levels with
one additional practice
level ‘puzzle pieces’
• Can begin with 1 word builds upon itself to
thousands of words
• Built-in transition from
linear to unique ‘Block
Linear’ scanning
• Quick and easy switch
• Full ‘start to finish’
manual including FAQs
• Implementation resources
specifically designed for
children with physical
Foundational Principles
1. Motor Planning
Whether beginning with a single word, or
with hundreds of words, motor actions
learned for words never require relearning
in the CoreScanner progression.
Foundational Principles
2. Single Words
Single words are the foundation of our
language, and are essential for the
expression of novel thought.
Foundational Principles
3. Core Vocabulary and Frequency of
CoreScanner focuses on the words we all
use most. As vocabulary grows,
CoreScanner prioritizes words based on
the frequency with which they occur in
Foundational Principles
4. Robust Vocabulary Needs
CoreScanner assumes that each new
learner has something unique to say, and
will require a robust vocabulary to do so.
Foundational Principles
5. Early Access
It is never too late for anyone to begin to
use CoreScanner. However, CoreScanner
seeks to provide access to a progressive
and fundamentally sound language
application for the earliest language
How it Works
• Demonstration: Linear Scan in
‘Cornerstones’ to Block/Linear in ‘Pathway’
Check out the CoreScanner Playlist
Search YouTube for ‘PRCaccess’