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The A of C
Despite weaknesses, the A of C
government accomplished
important tasks
Greatest achievement was
establishing a fair land policy for
lands west of App. Mtns
The NW Territory was a huge area
of land west of the App. Mtns. The
NW Territory was given up to the
U.S. by England in 1783 as part of
the Treaty of Paris, which ended
the Revolutionary War.
The NW Territory was important because it
was the first territory that the new U.S. gov
organized for settlement.
It developed the pattern for how future
states would be added to the Union.
The A of C contained no provision for
adding states and congress knew it had to
extend its authority over the area.
Since the A of C government did
not have the power to collect taxes,
they passed two laws in 1785 and
1787, establishing a system for
dividing and selling govt land
of 1785
With this law, regions were
surveyed and divided into squares,
called townships, which measured
six miles on each side. Each
township was subdivided into
sections of 640 acres, each to be
sold at auction for $1/acre
The Land Ordinance of 1785 also
required that one 640-acre section in
each township be used to support
public schools in the region; Section 16
would be saved for schools.
of 1787
Better known as the NW Ordinance, this law
created the NW Territory. It divided the territory
into smaller districts and gave Congress the power
to appoint a governor and judges in each one.
When 5000 voters lived in a territory, it could
elect a legislature and send a nonvoting delegate
to Congress. When 60,000 free residents live in a
territory, it could apply to Congress for
statehood. This process for admitting states
into the Union it still in effect today.
Each new state would come into the
Union with the same rights and
privileges as the original states:
Freedom of Religion
Property Rights
Right to trial by jury
In addition, there would be no
slavery or involuntary servitude
in the new territories.
The Northwest
Consider the idea of new
members joining an established
Label the club’s established
members (existing states)
Need to include the 5 new
members (new territories)