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Web 2.0 Tools 4 Schools
What’s out there??
Is it any good???
What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 is a free resource for learning,
creating, collaborating, editing and sharing
content online.
It's also about ease of use. Teachers and
students can master many of these tools
The Term "Web 2.0”
was conceived in 2005 to describe a new
kind of website that used newer web
authoring tools.
had a minimal learning curve and
is usually free
Once you download a Web 2.0 tool there
are easy ways to figure out if it is a good
match for the student and the task.
Technology has never been easier or more
Web 2.0 Tools = Skills
The Young and the Digital
“We need to build a more compelling narrative
that digital literacy is no longer a luxury but a
S. Craig Watkins
The Young & the Digital
The Sixth-Grade App Maker Heard Around the World
Sixth-grader Thomas Suarez has taken the Web
by storm. The YouTube video of his TEDx talk
has more than 445,000 views.
Check out how he amazed the crowd by talking
about how he created two apps: Bustin Jieber, a
Whac-a-Mole for Justin Bieber & Earth Fortune,
which shows different colors of the Earth based on
the region’s fortune.
Did he learn to make the app in school?
No, he came up with it by playing with the
iPhone software development kit.
“These days, students know a little bit more
than teachers, with technology,” he said,
adding “sorry” in the speech he was giving
to a crowd of teachers!
Social & Digital Media
A broad spectrum of technologies that will
allow students with disabilities access to the
innovative technologies that they will need
for progressing in the general education
curriculum, social networking & successful
post HS careers.
Digital Media Features
The key feature of digital media & technology
Digital Media surpasses traditional media
because of the ability to meet diverse
students learning profiles using a variety of
instructional approaches.
With digital content, the right software and
online tools, students have options for how
they (read/listen) to obtain information and
how they (speak/write) demonstrate their
Digital Media Tools
… offer a wide array of features. They can save
text, speech, and images with integrity and
consistency. These features offer great flexibility
in how and where that text, speech, and images
can be re-used and displayed.
New web 2.0 tools appear each day. Many of
these tools were not originally intended for
classroom use, but they can be powerful learning
tools for today’s techno-savvy students and their
more adventurous teachers.
Sites appear (and frequently disappear) very
quickly, launched by creative techno-geeks out
there in the world.
Digital Storytelling - Student Perspective
Digital Story Telling
Follow these simple steps and you are
off on a grand story telling adventure!
Story Telling & Animation
Little Bird Tales is a nice site intended for younger students
to create digital stories. Little Bird Tales walks users
through each step of creating a multimedia story. You can
upload images, draw images, or record from their
webcams. Stories can be written with text or narrated by
students using microphones connected to their computers.
Voki - Allows you to create personalized speaking avatars
and use them on your blog, profile and in email messages.
Great for teaching languages. (free)
Xtranormal – A simple and versatile
moviemaking system that uses virtual
characters and a text to speech.(free)
 Zimmer Twins - A website devoted to
children and creative storytelling. Children
can create and share their own animated
stories. (free)
The Power of the Voice
Audacity – Excellent audio software to record or install
sounds to your computer (microphone needed) and edit
them afterwards. Also great for editing or mixing songs
Jamendo - A community of free, legal and unlimited music
published under Creative Commons licenses. Share your
music or download other artists (free)
UJAM- UJAM is a cloud-based platform that empowers
everybody to easily create new music and share it with
friends (free)
Sharendipity - A web based creativity suite where anyone
can build and deploy engaging and interactive games and
other web applications. (free)
Quizlet - Create and share flashcards with your own terms
and definitions. Excellent for language learners or to help
students revise material. (free)
Brain Nook is a virtual world in which students can
practice their mathematics and English skills. Brain Nook
provides students with scenarios that they have to resolve
by answering mathematics and language arts questions.
This is your brain on Google
The BIG Question…
How do you know if it is any good??
New web 2.0 tools appear each day. Many of these tools
were not originally intended for classroom use, but they
can be powerful learning tools for today’s techno-savvy
students and their more adventurous teachers. These sites
appear (and frequently disappear) very quickly, launched
by creative techno-geeks out there in the world.
There REALLY is a Special APP 4 That
10 popular iTunes apps 4 children with autism
Proloquo2Go Highly recommended for kids and adults with autism,
cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia,
ALS, stroke or traumatic brain injury, this app-turned-AAC device
utilizes colorful stick-figure illustrations and features an up-to-date
vocabulary, text-to-speech voices and automatic conjugations.
Grace This innovative app allows special-needs children to
communicate through complete sentences by linking together colorful
images and symbols in this fully customizable application.
iCommunicate for iPad Create pictures, flashcards, storyboards,
routines, visual schedules and record custom audio in any language
with this versatile program; incorporates pictures from your camera or
Google images. Helps to teach social skills for children with autism
First Then Visual Schedule Ease transitioning for children
with developmental delays such as Autism Spectrum
Disorders by introducing this easy-to-customize scheduler
into your special-needs curriculum.
iConverse An inexpensive program designed for iPhone
and iPod touch, this app functions as a picture exchange
communication system (PECS) for autistic children and
autistic adults alike, as well as others with communicative
AutismExpress This free app displays basic facial
expressions in a way which is comical and instructional;
excellent for children who have difficulty understanding
stories2learn Illustrate your own social stories for children
with autism, using pictures, text and audio with this
customizable program geared towards enriching
the curricula of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
MyTalk Mobile The MyTalk Mobile is an AAC device for
iPad, iPhone and iPod touch; it also boasts the “My Talk
Workspace,” which saves all info on a backup file in case of
device crashing.
TapToTalk Make your own AAC albums with this app,
currently including a library of 2,000 pics. Children can tap
on each image to hear fun audio.
Goodnight iPad, Ann Droyd 9780399158568