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SWAPWest Induction
SWAP and your year ahead
What is SWAP?
• SWAP provides college-based Access Programmes with progression
to HN and degree courses.
• For adults with no, few or out of date qualifications.
• SWAP are a national organisation; we are SWAPWest
• Over 32,000 adults have returned to education through SWAP.
• SWAPWest is a partnership of the colleges and universities in the
West of Scotland.
• Programmes include: Humanities, Primary Education, Social Work,
Nursing, Allied Health, Medical Studies, Science, Engineering, Maths
and Computing.
Content of SWAP Programme
• Your year at college has emphasis on equipping you with the skills
you will need for HE study.
• You will study 18 SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) units.
• The units are at the level of Intermediate 2 and Highers.
• Some are beyond this level (STEM and Medical Studies)
• Continuous assessment for most units.
• SWAP Preparation for Higher Education must be completed.
• You must pass all units to complete the programme.
Preparation for Higher Education
PHE is an essential part of a SWAP Programme and is comprised of
class work and university visits
Class work
• Work through the sections of the PHE materials, which can be found
on the SWAPWest website or your own college VLE.
University visits
• Visit universities – open days, applicant visit
• SWAP ‘Study Skills Days’ at universities run
January to May.
Preparation for Higher Education Contents
1. Introduction
2. Taking Stock Part One
3. Study Diary
4. Taking Stock Part Two
5. UCAS Guide
6. Personal Statement
7. Interview Skills
8. Presentation Skills
9. Study Skills
10. Finance
11. Taking Stock Part Three
12. What Happens Next: Information from
13. NEW: extended referencing guide
Download from the SWAPWest website in the ‘For Current Students’ section
Student Profile
At the end of your SWAP year, your tutor will complete your
student profile, which will be sent to your chosen university.
Includes a list of units studied and how many achieved.
Tutors comment on your performance.
You will also be awarded three grades* (A-D) for the following:
1. Overall performance
2. Ability to handle text
3. Communication skills
Some courses require you to achieve specific grades; e.g. ABB or
BBB. See ‘progression routes’.
Progression Routes
• Progression Routes list the university courses you may apply for
using your SWAP qualification
• They will be available in late October.
• They state the requirements for entry – read carefully.
• Some places are limited & entry is competitive.
• Some places are subject to selection and/or interview.
• Summer school (Strathclyde maths/physical sciences only).
• Please contact SWAP if you are applying outwith
the progression routes, outside of the West of
• Let us know if you have any questions.
Applying to University through UCAS
Apply through SWAP - not your college!
• SWAP is considered a UCAS ‘School’ so use ‘SWAP’ instead of your
college name when asked to identify your school
• Use SWAP buzzword to register: swapwest2014
• Use all 5 of your choices!
• Apply by 15th of January 2014
• 1 choice = £12, more than 1 choice = £23
Personal Statement
• University Academic Selectors make decisions based on your
statement so make sure it is excellent!
• Download PHE UCAS and Personal Statement guides, and use the
excellent help and guidance on the UCAS website.
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Director – Kenny Anderson
Development Officers – Dr Lisa Marsili, Amy Angus
Admin – Karen Cunningham and Erica O’Neill