AMP TD 9-11-2014 - Alaska Measures of Progress

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Transcript AMP TD 9-11-2014 - Alaska Measures of Progress

Measures of Progress
Technology Director Webinar
September 11, 2014
James Herynk and Nick Studt
Webinar Logistics:
• Audio will be streamed through Adobe Connect.
• Audio is also available by calling 877-278-8686 Pin: 961449
— If using the phone as the audio source, MUTE the Adobe connect sound to prevent
• Please hold questions until the end.
• All questions must be asked through the chat box in the bottom right corner.
Technology Directors
Webinar Overview
Technology Director Role
KITE™ System
Requirements for KITE Client
Installing KITE Client
iPad App and Chromebook App
LCS, Local Caching Server
Educator Portal
Troubleshooting .CSV Files and Uploads
Troubleshooting Educator Portal and KITE
Dynamic Learning Maps
Upcoming Webinars
Help Desk
Technology Director
• The key duties of the Technology Directors
are to download and install the KITE
Client on computers where students will
test, provide technical support for
Educator Portal and KITE Client,
troubleshooting, and assist in elevating
questions to the help desk.
KITE System
• KITE is a platform developed to meet the
needs of the next generation of largescale computer based assessments.
—Educator Portal (EP)
• Managing student, user, and assessment data
—KITE Client
• Delivering assessments to students
• Download and install from the Alaska Measures of
Progress (AMP) website
KITE Client
Desktop Icon
Requirements for
KITE Client
• Supported Platforms:
—Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, (8.1 is being tested)
—Mac OSX 10.5-10.9 (Only Intel-based)
—Chromebooks (if your district supports)
• Screen Requirements
—The minimum screen resolution requirement
for KITE™ is 1024x768.
Installing KITE Client
• New release available after September
19th, 2014
• Go to Alaska Measures of Progress website
—Select the KITE tab
• If you have a previous version of KITE
Client already installed, installing the new
version will replace the old version.
iPad App and
Chromebook App
• iPad App
—Expected in early October, 2014
—Message regarding Guided Access
—Location for setting LCS if applicable
• Chromebook App
—Now available
—Documentation available at the AMP website
• Unmanaged Chromebook - Kiosk Mode
• Managed Chromebook
– Chromebook App may be installed before Sept 19th
• To ensure your firewall will allow data to pass through to
our servers (AAI/CETE/KITE), please whitelist the following
at your location:
— * &
• It may also help to allow the following files access through
the firewall:
— kiteclientae.exe & kiteclient.exe & tde.exe
• For continued error messages, under Network Address
Translation (NAT),
— send the Helpdesk your IP address/range: [email protected]
— whitelist our IP addresses (CDN, Content Delivery Network)
Local Caching Server
• A local computer that is set up to store data from
students testing in KITE Client and then send that
data all at once.
— For more information go to
Bandwidth requirements
with and without LCS
KITE Bandwidth Specifications
Without Local Caching System
384 kBps
512 kBps or faster
With Local Caching System
1000 kBps
5000 kBps or faster
• kBps (Kilobyte per second)
.CSV Files and Data Management
• Create .CSV Files, 4 templates
—Users, Enrollment, Rosters, TEC
Leading zeroes
Template format
Organization numbers
Data errors
• Enter and edit data in Educator Portal
—View, Upload, Add Manually
• Upload errors
• Save/save as (.CSV)
• Import/open
Educator Portal & KITE Client
• KITE Client vs. Educator Portal
• Logging in
— Usernames
— Reset password
• Supported Browsers
— Firefox 24.3 ESR (recommended) and above, Safari 6.0.5, and
Internet Explorer 8 and above
— Google Chrome is NOT supported
• Clearing cache
• Professional Development modules (audio visual)
— MIME type issue (right click and slecet play)
• Tickets
— Adobe Reader or another tool for PDFs
— Printing
• Smartboards and switch support
• KITE tab
—Status and updates
—Subscribe to Test Updates
—Installation instructions and downloads
—Documentation link
• Educator Portal Manual
• Help desk
Dynamic Learning Maps
• The DLM Consortium consists of 20 states
• Alternate assessments for students with significant cognitive
• Grades 3-8 and 9-10
• English language arts and math
• Dillard Research Associates will deliver alternate assessment for
• Educators in Alaska
access DLM via
Dynamic Learning Maps
• Getting ready for DLM
—Professional Development modules for
teachers to improve instruction.
• (not required)
—Test Administration modules for teachers who
will be administering the DLM assessments.
• (required)
• Teachers will access DLM these via
• Get Started webinars (9/24 - repeat 10/1)
—First Contact Survey
—PNP (Access Profile)
Timeline for DLM Alaska
9/24/14 and 10/1/14
10/13 – 11/19/14
1/5 - 3/6/15
3/16 – 5/1/15
Get Started Webinar for Mentors (and DTCs), 3:30 – 4:30
DTCs begin setting up district User (educator) accounts in
KITE system
Alternate Assessment Mentor Training
Teachers begin entering First Contact Surveys and Personal
Needs Profiles for students*
Districts participate in DLM Alternate Assessment Phase B
field testing
Districts participate in DLM Alternate Assessment Phase C
field testing
Alternate Assessment Test Window
*First Contact Survey determines student’s test placement. Personal Needs
Profile determines student’s online accessibility needs.
Upcoming Webinars
District Test Coordinators
Technology Directors
September 16th, 2014
October 9th, 2014
October 14th, 2014
Help Desk
• Hours
—5:00 am to 4:00 pm Alaska
—8:00 am to 7:00 pm Central
• Email
[email protected]
• Phone
—855-277-9752 (toll-free)
Important Points
• Understand the difference between Educator
Portal and KITE Client
• Know where to look for the KITE Client download
and be prepared to install on computers and
tablets where students will test.
• Know where to find updates for tablet apps
• Be prepared to whitelist if needed
• Be prepared to evaluate the need for an LCS,
Local Caching Server
• Help Educators and District Test Coordinators
• Be able to locate resources
• Feel free to contact the Help Desk
For questions, please contact:
[email protected]