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Pencil Value Scale
Without Light
You Would See Nothing
 No matter how bright
your whitest clothes
 You will not see them
in absolute darkness.
With a Little Light
 Your clothes begin
to look gray.
As the Light Increases
 The white clothes
look brighter.
 The Range of Light to Dark
In Black and White Photographs
 You can easily
see light gray
and white.
 And areas of
medium gray and
Dorothea Lange
Migrant Mother
White is the Lightest Value
Louise Nevelson
Dawn’s Wedding Chapel IV
Black is the Darkest Value
Louise Nevelson
Sky Cathedral
And Between is the Unlimited
Number of Values
Citation Needed
Your Assignment
 Is to work with measurements.
 Create an even transition from light
to dark.
 Working each square individually
Start With
 A 3 inch by 12 inch paper.
 Make a 1 inch clearance frame. Do
not use the end of the ruler (This will
not give you 1 inch squares).
 Divide into 10  1 inch squares
 Start with white and black at the ends
and then establish a mid-range gray.
Gradually expand the chart out till
you have 10 values
 With hatching and cross-hatching
transition the rest of the 1 inch
squares from very light gray to a
dark grey.
Citation Needed
 Establish a
pattern at equal
 Then adding
layers of
crosshatch in
gradually darkens
the plane.
Citation Needed
 You should have a value chart that
shows a range of ten steps from
white to black.
 Dark grays and blacks should not
have a shiny surface.
 Application of graphite should be
evenly applied.
Answer on a Separate Piece of Paper
10 Questions:
 Title your paper: Pencil Value Scale.
 Add your name and period number.
Question 1
 What would you see if there was no
Question 2
 With a little light, your white would
look (fill in the blank).
Question 3
 What is value?
Question 4
 What should you see in a black and
white photograph?
Question 5
 What is the title used as the example
for the photograph?
 Who is the photographer?
Question 6
 The light value is called what?
Question 7
 The dark value is called what?
Question 8
 What are the names of the two
sculptures that Louise Nevelson
Question 9
 What do you not do when measuring
your frame for your Pencil Value
Question 10
 What pencil technique should be used
when creating your Pencil Value