Yuan vs. Ming

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Yuan vs. Ming

• Who were the leaders?

• What were the strengths?

• What were the weaknesses?

• What happened to these empires?

Yuan Dynasty

• • The Yuan dynasty was different than the ones before it because the leaders weren’t Chinese- they were Mongols

The Mongols were a tribe of nomads from the north

• These nomads were fierce and they terrorized people throughout Asia

Yuan Leaders

Genghis Khan- a brutal leader who conquered northern China

, wrecking towns, killing people and ruining farmland •

Kublai Khan Genghis’ grandson, he conquered the rest of China and made himself emperor

• His dynasty is called the Yuan dynasty

Yuan Talents

• The Yuan dynasty was known for –

Conquering other people

with their powerful and brutal army – Trading: soldiers kept trade routes safe for merchants,

welcomed foreign traders into China

– Public works: used taxes to improve the Grand Canal, fix roads, create a postal system

Yuan Weaknesses

• •

Too much conquering!

Mongols tried to take over Japan and were defeated

Weak economy:

expensive public projects weakened the empire


• The Yuan

dynasty fell when Chinese got fed up with Mongol rule and overthrew the dynasty

• The weakened Mongol rulers couldn’t stop the rebellion Japanese Samurai defeat Mongols

Ming Dynasty

• • Leader:

Zhu Yuanzhang

• He was a former monk who took charge of a rebel army and

defeated the Mongols in China Created a stable and prosperous dynasty

Ming Talents

• The Ming dynasty was known for: – Building:

built the Forbidden City-

a city with hundreds of buildings that only the rich and powerful could go in. Also restored the Great Wall –

Sailing: Zheng He sailed around Asia, to Africa,

had a huge fleet with 25,000 sailors and 300 ft. long boats – Protecting power: Ming emperors kept power to themselves

Forbidden City satellite view Zheng He’s voyages

Ming Weaknesses

Isolationism- a policy of avoiding contact with other countries

During the Ming dynasty, China banned foreign trade and stopped sailing to foreign lands


Due to isolationism, China’s glory faded

as the Western world made huge technological advances without them

Now we know…

• Who was Genghis Khan?

Now we know…

• How did the Mongols gain control of China?

Now we know…

• Who was Zheng He? What did he do?

Now we know…

• What is isolationism?

Now we know…

• Trade and other contact with peoples far from China stopped under which dynasty?

a. Yuan b. Song c. Ming d. Sui

Now we know…

• What was the name of the palace complex with hundreds of structures built during the Ming dynasty?