Windows XP End of Life

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Transcript Windows XP End of Life

Windows XP
End of Life
Microsoft support for
Windows XP SP3
and Office 2003
ends April 8, 2014
Starting April 8, 2014:
No new security updates
No new non-security hotfixes
No new technical content updates
No new device drivers for hardware
such as new printers, scanners; or
No free or paid assisted support
options are offered from Microsoft
Microsoft Support Policy for Windows XP
and Office 2003
Microsoft provides 10 years of support for
supported service pack levels
5 years Mainstream Support
5 years Extended Support
What should I do?
Upgrade to Windows 7.
But …
Is your computer powerful enough?
Price $100 +/- and hard to find from retail vendors.
Upgrade-in-place may not protect your installed
programs and files. Multiple full backups are
recommended before starting.
Accessories may not be compatible.
What should I do?
Buy a new computer
But …
Need to reinstall programs and move files.
Accessories and programs may not be compatible.
Need to learn Windows 8.
However …
State of the art hardware.
All components assured to work together.
More power than you have now available for $300$500 from stores everywhere.
Can I still use my XP computer.
Yes, but …
Do not use it online.
No email.
No browsing.
No downloads.
However use it for…
Media editing platform.
Media player.
Game machine.
File server.