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The new regional initiative to improve our connection
between the Central Valley and the Bay Area
ACEforward Goals
 Improve the existing ACE service between Stockton and San Jose
 added frequencies,
 reduced travel time and
 improved service reliability and safety
 Extend service to additional Central Valley communities – downtown
Manteca and downtown Modesto in the near term and downtown Turlock
and downtown Merced subsequently
 Integrate ACE into a unified northern California Rail service
extending to and connecting with the high-speed rail system
 Maximize intermodal connections with other rail services including
BART (in the Tri-Valley and other potential locations)
 Enhance the quality of life in the San Joaquin Valley and Bay Area by
providing an alternative to the automobile to relieve congestion along I-580,
I-680, I-205 and SR-99 and reduce greenhouse gases/ improve air quality
ACEforward Project Current - 2013
ACEforward Project Goals 5-year plan – 2018
Stockton - Modesto
• Extension to Modesto
Altamont Corridor
• Safety & Operational Improvements
• Increase Service to 6 Daily Round Trips
ACEforward Project Goals Ten-Year Plan - 2022
Stockton - Merced
• Extension to Merced
Altamont Corridor
• Increase Service to
10 Daily Round Trips
The New ACEforward Initiative
ACEforward Ext.
Train Types – Existing and Next Model
Existing ACE – Diesel Locomotive
 One locomotive per 8 coaches
 Train length affects acceleration
and braking performance
 Top Speed 79 mph
Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)
 Each train is self propelled
 Performance not affected by
train length
 Top Speed 110 - 125 mph
Environmental Clearance Strategy
The environmental review process and planning activities associated with the California
Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Ace (NEPA)
 Program-level clearance for 10 daily
round trips in the Altamont Corridor
and extension to Merced
 Project-level clearance for 6 daily
round trips in the Altamont Corridor
and extension to Modesto
 Separate documents for stand-alone
improvements (safety, grade
separations, sidings); potential for
expedited clearance & delivery
 Strategic partnering to clear major
joint use / joint interest projects
ACEforward Scoping – Summary of Comments
 Fremont – additional train traffic impacts
 Union City – ACE connection desired
 Niles/Sunol – concern about changes in train traffic and facilities in Sunol/ Niles
Canyon/ Niles Junction area
 Livermore/Tri-Valley – BART connection desired
 Tracy – downtown move opposition/ not clear choice
 Manteca/Lathrop – location of proposed station(s)
 Central Valley communities seeking better access to ACE service
 Environmental – biological resources including wetlands, air quality, noise, vibration,
cultural resources, safety, other subjects
 Costs/funding – sources of project funding for construction and operations
 Coordinate with other Rail Projects – high-speed rail, Capitol Corridor, Amtrak San
Joaquin, Caltrain and freight
Bay Area
Oakland – Newark – Niles Triangle Context
Tri Valley and BART Connectivity
San Joaquin Valley
Stockton - Merced
ACEforward FY 2013/2014 Work Products and Target Dates
Target Date
Stakeholder and Public Outreach
NOI/NOP Release
June / October 2013
Scoping Period (Extended)
July / November 2013
Scoping Summary Report
February 2014
Ridership and Revenue & Benefits Analysis
April 2014
Alternatives Analysis
June 2014
June 2015
February 2016
ACEforward Schedule
Next Steps
 February Meetings
Altamont and Central Valley Working Group meetings and
meetings with Resource Agencies
 Initial Ridership and Benefit Analysis
 Alternatives
Dan Leavitt, SJRRC Manager of Regional Initiatives
209.944.6266 [email protected]
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