The Importance of Engagement for Teaching about

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The Importance of Engagement for Teaching about Standardization.

Newell Hampson-Jones, Education Sector Representative, BSI Tuesday, 29 June 2011

Higher Education in the UK Political Economic

• Higher Education (HE) regulated via government department (BIS).

• New laws on Higher Education in UK expected…this week… • Funding controlled by independent funding councils, but answerable to BIS.

• Great changes to funding models shifting the immediate burden of funding from government to student.


• Widening participation & social mobility key socio-political issues affecting UK HE.


• Management of Online Learning Resources (OLR) and “blended learning” key to many universities. • OLRs can improve student experience and reduce hidden course costs, both encouraged by National Union of Students (NUS).

The Story so Far…

1 to 1 meetings

• Academics • Student representatives • Administrative Staff • Policy Groups

Social Network Engagement

• Twitter •

• LinkedIn

Lectures & seminars

• Middlesex University • University of Leeds • University of Bradford

NUS National Conference

Fringe Event: Standardisation Empowering Students & Unions?

Policy group activities

•CEN/CENELEC Joint Working Group – Education about Standardisation •The Bridge Group

Reaction from the Sector

The physical and opportunity costs of involvement in committees makes the idea unattractive to academics in the current funding climate

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Some academics are not confident teaching standardisation as there is little reference material

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Students can benefit from BSI. Teaching standardisation could improve graduate employability and standards can be used by universities to improve the student experience.

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Teaching standardisation looks very interesting and relevant to discussions universities are currently having.

There is still a lot more work to do…


• Best examination of standardisation education is in a 2002 Henk de Vries paper • Some courses do include standards… • …but they are mostly referred to, not studied • Could increasing the breadth of standardisation education be the answer?

Source: De Vries, Henk J., Standardisation Education (22 2002, 10). ERIM Report Series Reference No. ERS-2002-82-ORG. Available at SSRN:

We need to…

Engage & communicate…

• That standards are crucial in the take off phase of technology • Publicly Available Specifications could be a solution for getting new research to market

Promote success stories…

• Like Moving Pictures Experts Group • Or University of Bradford funded Dementia Care Mapping PAS, PAS 800


Get researchers asking…

• Could standards or standardisation be relevant to current research?

• Blind and Gauche appear to believe so…


Source: Blind, K.., Gauche, S., (2007). “Standardization Benefits Researchers.” Wissenschaftsmanagement Special, 2007 (2), pp. 16-17


Could universities benefit from standards compliance?

• ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • EN 16001 • ISO 50001 • ISO 26000 • ISO 31000 • BS 25999

Could universities benefit from demanding compliance to standards from suppliers?

• BS ISO 29990 • BS EN 15733 • BS EN 14434

Working Together

Key to all is engagement and collaboration

Begin creation of an Education Partners Network, similar to BSI’s Consumer & Public Interest Network

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Newell Hampson-Jones Education Sector Representative +44 (0) 20 8996 7227 [email protected]

@theNHJ newell.hampsonjones