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Workshop on Applying to
Oak Ridge National Lab
Dr. Andrienne Friedli
[email protected]
Information About:
Why do a summer internship?
• What is an ORNL internship like?
• When to get started - NOW!
(or if it is past December, yesterday!)
• What is required to be successful?
Recent ORNL / MTSU Internships
Summer 2006: 4 student and 2 faculty internships.
Fall 2007: Meetings at ORNL and MTSU
Summer 2008: 13 student interns, 2 faculty, 2 visitors
Summer 2009: 3 students, one faculty
Summer 2010: 6 students, one faculty, two visitors
Summer 2011: 3 students, one faculty, one visitor
We would like to send 20 students this year!
Take the opportunity!
The ORNL Research Experience
• Build technical skills
• State of the art
• Cutting edge
research projects
• Top researchers
Scientific mentors
Real World Science
“My experience was a success
and worth every moment I spent
away from MTSU. I call on every
MTSU student to fill out an
application to do an internship at
Ramy Sayed (Biology, pre-med)
I’m applying again this summer!
Charysse Archer
[email protected], 2008
A Opportunity to Learn
Robert Ehemann (Physics)- SULI
Jeremy Tiegs (Geosciences)
Attend seminars and workshops
Write a scientific abstract - publish in a journal
Present at a poster session
Learn about careers
Attend a graduate school fair
Transfer to the Classroom
Gail Hayes, Chemistry Teacher
BS Chem ’08, ORNL ’07 (PST)
Paul Turner, Physics ’11
• Learn teaching techniques
• Relate research experience to classroom experience
Have Fun!
 In the Laboratory
 Outside the Laboratory
What Program is Best 4U?
• Undergraduate students SULI, [email protected], PST
Apply to both
• Between ug and grad school, job [email protected]
• Graduate students [email protected]
• Faculty [email protected]
How to Apply?
SULI (undergrad) applications at
WDTS (pre- and in-service teachers) applications at
OR internships for anyone:
recent grads, graduate students
short-term visitors…..
[email protected] program
Flexible deadline - requires more
contact with staff – possibly
The Bottom Line
 10 Weeks
 Stipend paid monthly or bi-weekly $425
 Reimbursement for inbound and
outbound transportation up to $500
 Housing allowance or contract housing
SULI due
January 10, 2012
WDTS due
January 3, 2012
[email protected]
has a more
flexible deadline
Criteria for Selection
• Academic background
• Interests
• Grades
 Career goals
 Your enthusiasm
 Good match
Andy Standley (BS. 2010 Chem, Bio, [email protected] ‘10)
*A Successful Application*
1. Evidence of ability
Grades >3.0 GPA
Recommendation letter
2. Personal statements
Research interests
Career plans
attention to detail is critical
Ask your mentor/prof for feedback
3. Depth of interest
contact ORNL staff
express general enthusiasm
4. Recommendation letters
• 1 page or more with details
• Discuss academic, research experience
• Potential as a scientist
Choose a faculty member you know well who is
knowledgeable about research
Give the recommender a resume & talk to them
Ask for two recommendations NOW – they need ~2
weeks to respond
5. Experience
• STEM courses
• Research experience
Take advantage of the multiple opportunities to do
projects at MTSU first, if possible
Wake Up Call!
• SULI is a very competitive internship –
only 67 positions available/ summer.
• This application takes a few days to
complete and perfect - like an
application for employment or grad school.
• Take advantage of available help – your
teachers and other staff will read your statement and write letters of support.
• You are representing MTSU as an
applicant (complete your application)
and as an intern (do a good job!)
Do Your Homework
6. Career Plans and Goals - short and long
Must choose 3 research areas of interest:
Computer Science
Environmental Sciences
Life Sciences Manufacturing
Materials Science
Neutron Scattering
Nuclear Physics
Social Science
Waste Management/Remediation
7. Contacts at ORNL (the hard part - but important)
Contact a few people, and mention it in your application
Name, Division/Department, Phone Email
Ask for help it you need it
Science and Engineering Missions at ORNL
• Neutron Science
• Energy
• Advanced Materials
• Biological Systems
• Supercomputing
• National Security
Directorates at ORNL
Press on buttons to find directorates and divisions
Find projects, people
Watch out for user centers (not ORNL projects)
• Biological and Environmental Sciences
• Computer and Computational Sciences
• Physical Sciences
• Environmental Health, Safety, and Quality
• Nuclear Operations
• Energy and Engineering Sciences
• National Security
Complete your application!
Questions: [email protected]
Good Luck!