DCOMDO.COM So easy a med student can use it

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Transcript DCOMDO.COM So easy a med student can use it

So easy a med student can use it
Why more slides?!
I realize you're all tired of flipping through lecture
slides but I was informed that a lot of people still
have no idea what DCOMDO.COM is or how to
use it. So here is everything you need to know to
get started using it today.
First, a little
DCOMDO.COM was designed to serve as an
announcement board for the SGA, act as an
information database for DCOM students, and
take some of the pressure off of Blackboard and
We would love to see everyone use it as their
launch point on the Internet and take advantage
of the quick links, classifieds, and class and
subject sections for posting and downloading
Breaking it down
The site is built on Wordpress and is in blog
format. But unlike other blogs, this one can be
authored by any student. This means that
anyone can register and post directly to the site
without the need to go through a middle man.
Among other things, students can post
announcements, ask questions, upload study
guides, and organize material into their specific
class year and subject categories for easy
Let's get started
If you haven't already, go
to www.dcomdo.com and
click the "register" button
under the logo.
Follow the instructions
and wait for your
password to be sent.
Let's get started
Step 2: LOG IN
Go back to the home page
and log in with your
username and password.
Posting content
When you want to make
a post, whether it's to ask
a question, post a study
guide, or make an
announcement, simply
click the link to add a
new post.
Posting content
Enter your text in the text
box and choose the
category you'd like it to
show up in.
To post a PowerPoint,
picture, etc. click one of
the buttons above the
text box.
NOTE: Try to keep things in their appropriate
categories as much as possible.
The "frontpage" category is RESERVED for SGA
and class officers as well as club
announcements. If something is posted here that
doesn't belong, it will simply be deleted.
The bookmarks bar contains links to several sites
frequently visited by students. If you set
DCOMDO.COM as you homepage then all of these
sites are just a click away when you open your
The "Classifieds" tab at
the top of the homepage
will allow you to view ads
placed by others and
place your own ads for
The "Calendar" link takes you to
a calendar that is designed to list
all activities at DCOM including
club and student government
meetings, community service
projects, fundraisers, etc.
Please keep in mind that some
events may not show up on this
That's just a little bit of what you can do on
DCOMDO.COM. It's a great resource for
students and organizations. If you'd like to know
how to do something not covered here, just let
me know.
Questions or
Joshua "Adam" Tarrence
[email protected]
[email protected]