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E-Health in Rwanda
Gilbert UWAYEZU, Health informatics specialist.
[email protected]
E-Health as a pillar for addressing healthcare challenges
Rwanda Health Enterprise Architecture Framework.
OpenMRS system in Rwanda
Electronic patient registration
(Musha Health Center)
Direct EMR Access
Value Proposition
Some of the benefits that the system is
offering are :
•Universal chart access ,
•Easier compliance with chart requests,
•Improved external communication,
•Improved intra-office communication,
•Higher quality documentation,
•Built-in protocols and reminders,
•Improved medication management,
•Patient education and involvement.
•Automated reports needed at central level.
Geography / Location:
National EMR roll out is being led by Ministry of
Health in collaboration with its partners so far 30
sites are using the system ( 17 sites in Eastern, 3
in Kigali city , 2 in south and 10 in North province).
OpenMRS being open source system and is being
used by other countries (more than 30) across the
globe depending on their needs.
It is planned that by the end of 2012 over 100
health centers and 20 hospitals will be using the
system in their clinical practices.
Business Model
The EMR system is divided into 3 packages
that support the management of different
health programs :
HIV Care package : VCT, PMTCT and HIV patients
follow up and data management.
Primary care package : Outpatient data
management including billing , lab , pharmacy and
other health center clinical services.
Hospital package : In/outpatient data
management including billing , lab , pharmacy ,
specialties , Administration, assets and other
clinical services.
Business Model (Continued)
The system can be customized to fit in any health
organization needs and having a group of
programmers who got a good training that enabled
them to work on advanced modules to fit in health
facilities justifies system sustainability.
The ministry of health is implementing the system
in public health facilities and recommends private
health facilities to follow the same so that the
shared health records among all health entities in
Rwanda can be possible.
E-Health governance
•E-health department was created to oversee
Health information systems development and
implementations in health sector.
•There is a steering committee that meets every
week and discuss e-health initiatives.
•E-health strategic plan was developed
• Standards and policies have been and are being
developed to guide systems development and
implementations for future systems interoperability.
• Strong teams that support the development,
deployment and maintenance of health
information systems.