IEEE Annual Mtg Summary

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Foothill Section –
Annual Meeting Update
Bill Grist, Foothill Member Attendee & AICNCC Panel Member
IEEE-USA Annual Meeting
and Technical Conference
Thursday-Sunday, 15-18 May 2014
Crowne Plaza, Warwick RI
An Overview plus Details in Areas
of Foothill Member Interest
A walk through of what happens for
those who haven’t attended
Key Messages to all IEEE Members
Highlights from selected talks
Elections – VOTE and comments
Q&A - members topic choices (due to
3-4 tracks, info not available on all)
What can We Do to help?
IEEE-USA Annual Meeting and Technical Conference
Thursday-Sunday, 15-18 May 2014
Crowne Plaza, Warwick RI
Thursday 15 May 2014
Posting of the Colors - The Rhode Island Military Organization
Welcome and Introduction – Garden Pavilion
Charles Rubenstein, Vince Socci, Martin Cohen, David Casper
Opening Remarks – Gary Blank, 2014 IEEE-USA President
2015 Candidate Presentations – Garden Pavilion
IEEE President-Elect Candidates: F. Mintzer, B. Shoop
IEEE-USA President-Elect Candidates: P. Eckstein, K. Grzelak
Friday 16 May 2014 – Please See InnoTek2014 Conference Program
Saturday 17 May PROGRAMs
Annual Meeting Introduction 2014 IEEE-USA President Gary Blank
Plenary Session –
Introduction to Professional Activities – Ed Perkins
Plenary Session –
Introduction to Communications & Public Awareness – Chris Brantley
Track 1 Chair
Ed Perkins
Track 2 Chair
Will Kassebaum
Salon I
Track 3 Chair
Keith Grzelak
Saturday 17 May PROGRAMs
Professional Activities: Engaging Members Locally
The Professional: Career and Member Services
The Profession: Government Relations
IEEE Insurance Solutions: Protecting Your Greatest Asset… You!
Graham Fuller
Professional Activities for Engaging Your Members
Ed Kirchner, Tarek Lahdhiri
K-12 STEM Outreach – Services, Opportunities, TISP, TSA, Public
Neeraj Bhatia
Panel: How can Members get Involved in IEEE-USA Policy Committees
Keith Grzelak, Russ Harrison <<
Tools for Member Engagement <<
John Prohodsky
Saturday 17 May PROGRAMs
Career Services –Services to Enhance Your Career
Holly M. Cyrus, Tarek Ladhiri
Intellectual Property Policy Update <<
Keith Grzelak
PACE Projects Workshop
Bob Pellegrino, Larry Nelson, Sr., Emilio Salgueiro
Entrepreneurship – The Entrepreneurs’ Village <<
Mark Wingate
IEEE-USA Government Fellows and WISE
Kenneth Lutz (Gov’t Fellow), Turner Cotterman (WISE Fellow)
Saturday 17 May PROGRAMs
SPA-X: Explore, Engage, Experience
Guru Madhavan, Ed Perkins
Consulting: Networks, Services Available to Support the Professional
Consultant <<
Larry Nelson, Sr.
Don’t Talk Nerdy to Me! A Technologists’ Guide to Communicating with
Chris Brantley, Russ Harrison
Panel: Using Consultant Networks, Employment Networks and
Entrepreneurs to Engage Members in your Section <<<<
Will Kassebaum – moderator; Herman Amaya, Bill Grist, Larry Nelson Sr., Gary
Professional Licensure – Advancement of Careers and the Profession
Steve Barrett
Immigration Policy Update Russ Harrison
Saturday 17 May PROGRAMs
Panel: Making IEEE Activities Relevant for Your Members
Ed Kirchner – moderator
Charles Lord, Ali Abedi, Carole Carey
The Importance of Membership
Lee Stogner
Communications Policy: Cybersecurity and Freedom of the Internet <<
Eric Burger
IEEE-USA Awards Banquet, Speeches, Recognition –
Sunday 18 May PROGRAMs
Regional PACE Breakout Sessions RECAP
Regional Professional Activities Overview – Ed Perkins
The Going Home Challenge and Commitment – Ron Jensen
Invitation to the 2015 Technical Conference in Milwaukee, WI
Recap, and Outgoing Message - Gary Blank, 2014 IEEE-USA President
Looking Forward to 2015, and Incoming Message POSTPONED
Jim Jefferies, 2015 IEEE-USA President - in Hospital
The IEEE-USA 2014 Annual Meeting Closes
Jeff Greer, Engineering’s Role in Agile Manufacturing
Barry Shoop, Developing Critical Thinking, Creativity & Innovation Skills
Michelle Morey, InfraGard – Partnership is Our Key Resource <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Henry Constant and Frank Metayer,Real-time Digital Image Acquisition and Processing
Paul Roberti, RI PUC Commissioner; Energy Conversion & Distribution
Sally Sutherland, Deputy Chief Technical Officer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Innovations in Technology for the Undersea Domain
Technical Innovation Energy Systems, Policy Systems for New Technologies
Technical Innovation In System Design - Small Business, Big Tech
Characteristic analysis of small-scale BESS for HOTT generation system
Application of a Dynamic Fuzzy Based Genetic Algorithm for Distribution Network Reconfiguration
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Performance Prediction for Low Wind Speed Environment
The Precarious State of Federal R&DRussell Harrison, Sr. Legislative Representative, IEEE-USA <<<<<<<
The Makings of the Materials Revolution
Online Learning and Implications for Broadening Access and Participation in STEM Education and
Workforce Warren “Trey” Lathe III,AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, NSF
Making Technology: Broadening Access and Participation in Engineering Education Through Maker
Culture, Dorothy Jones-Davis, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, NSF <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Unleashing Innovation through Internal Hackathons Shiven Kumar*, Bernard Rosell, John Shepherd AT&T
Strong Ties despite Decentralized Network Design: an Automotive Case
Advanced Complex Searches on Encrypted Unstructured Data in Cloud Environment
Preventing Recreational Boating Fatalities and Serious Injuries
Starting New High-Tech BusinessesCharles J Lord,
Instilling a culture of life-long Innovation Education
Innovation In Education - Technologies for New Policy Systems
Innovation In Business, Innovations in Medicine
Personalized Intelligent Software Responses for Engineering Students
Low Cost Tablets as Disruptive Educational innovation; Modeling its diffusion within Indian K12 system
Robot Education in the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Tools, Funding, & Policies for CyberInfrastructure
David Proctor, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, NSF
Of Patent Trolls and Patent Troll Hunters: What is the REAL Fairy Tale? A Lesson on Public Policy, Keith
Grzelak, Co-Chair, IEEE-USA Intellectual Property Policy Committee and IEEE-USA IP Professionals <<<<<
Support for Biomedical and Health Innovation at the Federal Level
Decision Support Tools for Multi-Stakeholder Health Policy Issues
Using Innovation Science to Minimize Entrepreneurial Risk
Mining the Cloud
The Tame Tornado
Portable Malignant Lesion Detection with Low Cost Mobile Infrared Thermography
Web-Based Camera Navigation for Virtual Pancreatic Cancer Surgery: Whipple Surgery Simulator
MoMiReS: Mobile Mixed Reality System for Physical & Occupational Therapies for Hand and Wrist
The InnoTek2014 Technical Conference Closes
Notes/Learnings 1
Innotek: Agile Mfg.; West Point Innovation Course
Innotek: InfraGARD – we each can join with the FBI to help;
Boston and LA CyberSquad contacts
Innotek: Low Cost Mfg; UCONN EE Image Processing &
Embedded Systems; Renewable Energy Integration
Innotek: Lobbyist assess USA R&D funding policies
Innotek: Materials Applied Sciences Lab
Innotek: NSF; MOOCs; NSF Maker Movement Support
Innotek: Cyber Infrastructure for Innovation
Innotek: Patent Trolls, a fairy tale?
Innotek: NSF & Health Innovation; Biomed; Policy issues
Notes/Learnings 2
Public Policy Committee; Write your congressperson!
vTools contact if we need help; reports we can use
Engaging Members; grow new ones
Entrepreneurship; SBIR Help from Chair Mark Wingate of TX
- Watch the Guy Kawaski video – link on IEEE website
Suggest you join IEEE USA Linked In official group
Crowd Sourcing is a Game Changer!
AICNCC Panel Discussion; Question forms submitted; Full!
CyberSecurity: Issue breakdown by Eric Burger; Policy?
Notes/Learnings 3
PACE: Region Plans/Issues review –
Membership Development – declining in USA last few years
- OCT 7 IEEE Day; big splash suggested
Challenges to IEEE USA Members:
New Members live on their smartphones; IEEE Adapt
Sections take action
Milwaukee Meeting next year
Gary Blank Closing: What if each of us called 1 person?
KEY Actions for Foothill Section?
Help grow IEEE-USA Membership
SBIR – Help in figuring out how to be successful
Keep up our contributions to STEM Education
Keep up our strong relations with local universities
Continue local Professional Education through
PACE & Society presentations
Employment Issues in the IE; continue helping
Feedback to our IEEE Lobbyist in Washington DC on
what is important to us locally
Summary - Foothill Section
Foothill is doing a lot of things right; continue to
focus on our strengths!
Involved members get things done; keep growing
more of them.
Get a new member: Call a tech friend?
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