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Chapter 7 Test
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The ratio of the angle measures of a
pentagon is 4 : 5 : 3 : 8 : 7. What is
the measure of the smallest angle?
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Three sides of a triangle measure 0.5,
0.6, and 0.8. Two sides of a similar
triangle measure 2 and 3.2. What is the
length of the third side?
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An Eiffel Tower mural is 2 meters high
and 0.77 meters wide. If the actual tower
is 125 meters wide, how tall is it to the
nearest meter?
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Which is similar to this quadrilateral and
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Write the similarity statement.
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Rob is making for his young son a replica
armchair of one he uses. The ratio of the
length of the arm of the old chair to that
of the new chair is 3 : 2. The arm of the
old chair is 9 inches long. How many
inches long will the arm of the new chair
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Which two triangles could you prove
similar by AA  ?
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To measure the distance across a pond, a
surveyor locates points A, B, C, D, and E
as shown. What is AB to the nearest
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For what value of JN is KL||MN ?
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In the figure, BC ||DE . What is AE ?
Write your answer as an improper fraction!
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In the figure, KP = 50, KQ = 45, PQ = 38.
What is RQ ?
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An architect uses the scale 2 inches : 5
feet to make a scale drawing for a new
office building. The cafeteria will be 40
feet wide. How long, in feet, should she
make the segment to represent the
cafeteria width?
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The coordinates of PMN are P(2, 10),
M(8, -6), and N(-4, 2). After a dilation,
the image of P is (19, 95). What are the
coordinates of the image of M ?
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Write the similarity statement for the
triangles shown?
If m∠𝐴 = 330 , Find 𝑚∠F
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What is ST ?
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