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27 October 2014
Management Structure University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Karamjit Singh
Chief Executive
John Adler
Executive Directors
Chief Operating Officer
Richard Mitchell
Head of Operations
Phil Walmsley (on
Head of Performance
Charlie Carr
Cancer Centre
Lead Clinician
Matt Metcalfe
Lead Nurse Manager
Michelle Wain
Senior Site Manager
Julie Dixon
Medical Director
Kevin Harris
Deputy Medical Directors
Andrew Furlong
Pete Rabey
Associate Medical Directors
Angie Doshani
(Clinical Effectiveness)
Nigel Brunskill
(Research & Development)
Sue Carr
(Clinical Education)
Jaydip Banerjee
(Clinical Quality & Improvement)
Steve Jackson
(Chief Medical Information
Tim Bourne
(Chief Medical Information
Assistant Medical Directors
Sanjay Agrawal
(Senior Medical Development)
Peter Furness
(Enhanced Appraisal &
Assistant Director of Research &
David Hetmanski
Associate Directors
Director of Finance
Paul Traynor
Deputy Chief Nurse
Carole Ribbins
Assistant Chief Nurses
Eleanor Meldrum/Julia Ball/
Heather Leatham/Maria
Lead Nurse Infection
Prevention & Control
Liz Collins
Director of Safety & Risk
Moira Durbridge
Director of Clinical Quality
Sharron Hotson
Director of Strategy
Kate Shields
Capital Planning and Delivery
Richard Kinnersley
Nicky Topham
Debra Green / Louise Naylor
Strategic Planner
Jo Bee
Business Manager
Serina Korol
FT Programme Manager
Helen Harrison
Head of Planning & Business Develop.
Helen Seth
Interim Alliance Director
Debra Mitchell
Ian Crowe
Chief Nurse
Rachel Overfield
Deputy Director of Finance
Head of Financial Management & Planning
Lorraine Bentley
Head of Strategic Finance
Paul Gowdridge
Financial Controller
Nick Sone
Interim Head of Procurement
Karen White and Richard Pitt
Head of Contracting
Deborah Johnson
Prakash Panchal
Managing Director
NHS Horizons
Andrew Chatten
Deputy Managing Director
Assistant Director
Nigel Bond
Martin Traynor
Sarah Dauncey
Jane Wilson
Prof David Wynford-Thomas
Mike Williams (Interim)
Chief Information Officer
John Clarke
Head of IT Projects
Liz Simons
Head of IT Operations
Dave Smith
Director of
Human Resources
Kate Bradley
Deputy Director of Human Resources
Emma Stevens
Head of Service Occupational Health
Anne De Bono
LiA Lead
Michelle Cloney
Assistant Director of Learning and OD
Bina Kotecha
Senior Project Manager
Pete Rogers
Service Equality Manager
Deb Baker
Non Executive Directors
Director of Corporate
& Legal Affairs
Stephen Ward
Assistant Director – (Head of
Legal Services)
Steve Murray
Director of Marketing
& Communications
Mark Wightman
Head of Communications
Tiffany Jones
Head of Services for GPs
Jade Atkin
Head of Fundraising
Tim Diggle
Knowledge Manager
Simon Andrews
Clinical Management Group Structure (CMGs) (see chart for details)
(Cancer, Haematology,
Urology, Gastroenterology
and Surgery)
(Clinical Supporting &
Emergency and
Specialist Medicine
(Critical Care, Theatres,
Anaesthesia, Pain and Sleep
Musculoskeletal and
Specialist Surgery
Renal, Respiratory
and Cardiac
Women’s and