Why Mobile Marketing?

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Transcript Why Mobile Marketing?

How Your Local Business Can
ATTRACT and KEEP Customers
Through Mobile Marketing
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Table Of Contents
Mobile Usage Facts & Trends
Popular Mobile Activities
Why Mobile Marketing?
Potential Mobile Profit Boosters
What is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile Marketing is a set of practices
that enables organizations to
communicate and engage with their
audience in an interactive and relevant
manner through any mobile device or
Mobile Marketing Facts & Trends
Every Business Should Know About
 More than 6 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide
 By 2014, Mobile Internet Usage is Expected to
Exceed Desktop Internet Usage
 More than 50% of all “Local” Searches are
Done from a Mobile Device
 Over 350 MILLION People Access Facebook
from Their Mobile Devices
Mobile Marketing Facts & Trends
Every Business Should Know About
 A Majority of Adult Cell Owners Now Go
Online Using Their Mobile Devices
 Our Mobile Devices are the First Thing We
Check in the Morning and the Last Thing
We Check Before Bed
 Most People Keep Their Mobile Devices
within Arm’s Reach 24/7
 Smartphones are Now OUTSELLING
Personal Computers
Mobile Marketing Facts & Trends
Every Business Should Know About
 Adults Now Spend More Time with Mobile Devices
than Print Media Such as Newspapers and
 Mobile Coupons Get 10 TIMES the Redemption Rate
of Traditional Coupons
 86% of cell phone owners are “connected TV
viewers” – meaning they use their phones in some
form or fashion while watching TV
Popular Mobile Activities
What Are People Doing on Their Mobile Devices?
Social Networking
Performing Searches
Using Mobile Apps
Listening to Music
Browsing Websites
Watching Videos
Sending and Reading Emails
Checking News and Weather
Sending and Reading Text Messages
What Does This Mean for Your Business?
You Must :
Put your business in front of your
mobile target audience
Spend your marketing dollars where
they can yield the best returns
Utilize the power of mobile
marketing to stay connected to your
local market
Mobile Technology is
GREAT, But It Has
Caused Problems for
Some Local Businesses…
Mobile has changed the way consumers spend their money…
It has also changed the way your business can truly
CONNECT with your local target market…
Why Mobile Marketing?
It’s POWERFUL For Helping You…
 Build Your Brand
 Gain the Edge on Your Competitors
 Connect with Local Consumers
 Generate New Leads & Repeat Loyal Customers
Traditional Advertising Methods Are No
Longer as Effective as They Once Were
• Yellow Page Books
• Newspaper Ads
• TV Commercials
• Mobile Websites
• Text Message Marketing
• Mobile Apps & More!
Could Mobile Marketing Be The Missing
Piece of the Puzzle for YOUR
Small Business?
Mobile Marketing is No
Longer a Trend…
It’s the NEW Way to Do
Potential Mobile Profit Boosters
Mobile Websites
Your Website Should be Viewable and
Easy to Navigate on Mobile Devices
Text Marketing
Send Valuable Offers and Info to Your
Customers on Their Mobile Devices
QR Codes
Mobile Apps
Provide Instant Gratification and Access to
Your Mobile Audience
Stay in Touch with Your Customers
Directly on Their Mobile Devices
Is This YOUR Mobile Audience?
Recent studies show that current
mobile web-user experiences are
overall HORRIBLE when it comes
to viewing and navigating
Mobile-Friendly Site vs. Traditional Site
Web Designers Understand How to
Build Websites Made for COMPUTERS
Not a Computer…
Why a Mobile Website?
 Improved Mobile User Experience
 Faster Website Loading Speed on Mobile Devices
 Location-Based for Geo-Targeting
 More Exposures to “On-the-Go” Consumers
What is Text Message Marketing?
Permission-based communication with
customers and potential customers via text
messages sent to their mobile devices…
Communication includes helpful
information, coupon offers, event
notification, and more…
Why Text Message Marketing?
 Builds a Powerful List of Targeted Buyers
 Permission-Based – Customers Opt-in to Receive Your
Text Messages
 Cost-Effective and Produces a High Rate of Return
 Very Little Technical Knowledge Required
What is a QR Code?
A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or
two-dimensional code), readable by QR
scanners, mobile phones with a camera,
and smartphones…
Once scanned, the mobile user will be
directed to your destination of choice such
as a coupon offer, an online video, etc…
Why QR Codes?
 Quickly Becoming Popular in the
Marketing World
 Allow Consumers to Access Information
About a Product or Company
 Many Major Brands are Using Them to
Engage with Customers
 Easily Read by Most Mobile Devices with
the Help of a QR Code Reader
What is a Mobile Application?
Mobile applications (also called “mobile
apps”) are applications developed for small
handheld devices, such as smartphones...
Most smartphones today come preloaded
with mobile apps and users can download
additional apps via the internet…
Why Mobile Apps?
 Your Customers Can Reach You Easily
with One Tap
 Produces Repeat, Loyal Customers
through Engagement
 Effortlessly Send Out Coupons and
Special Announcements with “Push”
 Builds Your Brand by Staying in Front of
Your Customers
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