Dr Andrew Taylor - University of Hull

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Transcript Dr Andrew Taylor - University of Hull

Assistant Director (Public Health Science)
NHS Hull
 Who am I?
 What is my job?
 What was my PhD about?
 How is it relevant to my working life?
 How is it not relevant to my working life?!
 Conclusion
Who am I?
 Private Sector - Philips Electronics – Advanced
Products Marketing
 Economics BSc Bradford
 Health Economics MSc York
 PhD Bradford 2006
My job
 Assistant Director of Public Health Science – NHS Hull
 Health Economist
 Lead team of Health Scientists (epidemiologists,
statisticians, health impact specialists)
 Outputs
 JSNA - Gives direction for health planning
 PNA – Gives direction for pharmaceutical provision
 Equity Audits – Shows focus for provision to combat health
 Social Capital Research - some in partnership with Hull
University and Sheffield Hallam University
My PhD
 Part Time - 5 years
 Social Capital (social networks, levels of trust and
connections within communities that ultimately help to
improve social, physical and economic conditions as well
as the life chances of those where it exists.)
Influence on demand for health care - Funding and
Private Medical Insurance relevant
Association between social capital and health
Non market provision through social support reduces
demand on PMI and NHS
Cross-Sectional Time Series Panel Data Analysis using
6 years of BHPS
My PhD Findings
 There is a relationship between Social Capital and the
amount of health care demanded
 May be positive or negative (or multi-dimensional)
 Personal risk attitudes very important
 Risk attitudes dependent on social and cultural
 People in different occupations or lifestyles face higher
risks so demand more ‘reservation value’
Relevance to working life
 PhD a salutary process!
 Sense of achievement
 Mark of professional ability ‘licence to teach’
 Higher statistical training and credibility
 Gives me extra edge on large dataset analysis and the
integrity of analysis and conclusions
 Broadened in terms of statistical knowledge and
subject area
 Keeps academic life alive
 Gives opportunity to transfer learning to policy
(Health and LA)
 Links to ongoing theme of Social Capital within
government now termed ‘Big Society’
 Ironically better Social Capital might mean greater
My experience not your experience
PhD essential for academic life
Extremely useful in non-academic working life
Opens doors
More opportunities for involvement in collaborative
 Enabled Fellowship of Faculty of Public Health enables
employment as Consultant in Public Health
 Credibility
 Still fascinated by my subject!
Call yourself a Doctor?
 Yes
 You’ve done the studying
 You’ve earned it!