Wholistic Health Centre and Health Funds

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Transcript Wholistic Health Centre and Health Funds

Wholistic Health centre is a preferred provider for the member of the following Medical Health Funds:
• HCF Chiropractic
Being Australia’s biggest non-profit health insurer, HCF chiropractic bestows adequately to
members compared to the industry average of other health insurers. More for backs program,
(HCF chiropractor) provides fully covered initial consultation for eligible members with
musculoskeletal conditions. This may be a new health condition or flare up of an existing
condition.The HCF chiropractor program lowers or waives the out of pocket expenses for
eligible cover and available limits.
For qualified HCF members, Wholistic Health Centre offers a no Gap initial consultation.
Bupa Chiropractor
BUPA is Australia’s prominent Medical Health Fund, taking care of over three million Australians.With the
combined knowledge of the three well established and credible brands, HBA,MBF and Mutual Community
along with rich 60 years of expertise, BUPA aims at providing its members an active, healthy and cheerful
Wholistic Health Centre strives to provide the ultimate care to itsa patientwhich plays a very important role
in the recovery of the patient. Wholistic Health Centre is a BUPA Member’s first provider. BUPA Members
who are with Extra Cover may receive additional value. Also they may be certain about the out-of-pocket
expenses after their consultation at Wholistic Health centre. Other additional benefits are discounts, offers
and Cashbacks. The Cashbacks are upto 100% and 60% on specific services.
You can book an appointment with BUPA Chiropractor online or by calling 02 95996554.This is to
encourage BUPA memberstoapproach for timely required diagnosis andget treatment without delay and
maintain good health.
As BUPA Member’s First providers we help you to attain financial peace of mind and ample
benefits through the following
Take care of uncertain financial expenses
Certainty of out-of-pocket expenses for specified Chiropractic services
More benefits on certain chiropractic services
Quick and instantaneous claiming facility through electronic submission of claims.
• MediBank Chiropractor
Medibank is a private Health insurer with 40 years wisdom and expertise having the objective to
deliver exceptional health to over 3.7 million Australians. It provides a very wide range of services
including preventative and better integrated primary care, mental health support, after hours
health support etc.With the purpose of “Better Health for better Lives”, all their services is
targeted to customers for achieving ultimate health and happiness.
Wholistic Health Services is a Medibank Member’s Choice provider. As a Medibank member, you
avail better value, clear costs and a broad range of services. The various benefits MediBank
Members enjoy are:
Discounts for orthotics
Capped prices with no surprises on the bill
Depending on your cover 55%, 70%, 85% or 100% back of charges.
Wider range of services than other insurers
Lower out-of-pocket charges than non members choice providers for eligible services
up to your annual limit.
Our easy swipe card system enables us to reduce the Health Fund Rebate from
the cost. The patients have to pay the gap amount only without the need to go
around with receipts.
For more details logon to www.wholistichc.com.au
Wholistic Health
Level 1/20 Levey St
Wolli Creek, NSW 2205, Australia
(02) 9599-6554
[email protected]