How to Differentiate Real Ruby from The Synthetic One

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Transcript How to Differentiate Real Ruby from The Synthetic One

How to Differentiate Real Ruby from The
Synthetic One
Lab made gemstones is an alternative for the expensive natural gemstones. If you love
rubies, you should know that most of them are made in the labs. Lab made rubies is
created through an artificial process that involves pressure and high temperatures.
However, they are not very different from the natural rubies. It is not easy to tell the
difference between a real ruby and a lab ruby. If you are in search for a natural ruby,
then you have to go out of your way. Getting one is not an easy task.
If you have the real ruby or not, you have to analyze the chemical composition and
physical structure. You can take the ruby for testing to determine the difference. Here
are just some of the differences between the natural ruby and the synthetic ruby.
One of the differences is the structural cues. You can look under the microscope to
determine the ruby's structure. Rubies have growth lines or structural patterns that take
place when the stone is being formed. The growth lines are curved to show the origin of
the ruby. The synthetic rubies have gas bubbles inside which form when it is going
through the formation process.
The other thing that you can look for to differentiate the two is the chemical difference.
Lab created rubies will have chemical traces that remain when it is being created. The
real rubies do not have any chemical traces since they are found from nature.
If you cannot send your ruby for testing, there are still other things that you should look
for. One is the perfect clarity. Lab grown rubies have an internal flaw that is minimized
since the process is controlled. Thus, synthetic rubies have high clarity than the real ones.
The size of the Rubie is yet another difference that you should look for. The synthetic
rubies are bigger in size. The scientist can create any size. The natural Baltic amber
only comes in the size they have been found with during mining process. Their size
cannot be modified like the lab made ones.
The prices are also another pointer to help tell the difference between the two. The rubies
created in the lab are cheaper. However, do not go for a ruby that is too cheap because it
can be fake. The price is only a slight difference between the price of about 10% to 15%.
The lindly star sapphire will not be expensive.
The above differences will help you get the exact ruby you want to buy. You can also
check for the certificate to be sure of the origin of the ruby. From the certificate, you can
determine the origin of the gemstone like the pink zircon. When it comes to buying any
gemstone, you have to do research to make sure that you get what you have paid for. You
do not want to pay for lab created stone when you wanted the real stone. It will take time
but you will get what you want.