What Should You Know About Dental Implant Procedure

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Transcript What Should You Know About Dental Implant Procedure

What Should You Know About Dental Implant Procedure?

Do you know about dental implants procedure? This procedure refers to a complete process of restoring lost or damaged teeth. It comprises using implants i.e. root devices made by titanium resembling a teeth collection or a tooth in the procedure of restoration.

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are usually durable, strong and can’t be distinguished from the normal teeth as their appearances and behaviors are same to that of normal teeth and are highly capable of holding one or a lot of teeth through an overdenture or bridge. Mouth trauma, root canal failure, tooth decay, congenital defects, excessive teeth wearing and gum disease may need using implants to rectify these situations. There contains two main procedure of

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i.e. osseointegrated and fibrointegrated implant though; the most liked one is osseointegrated implant. Procedure of dental implants comprises different stages i.e. Procedure of

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planning: earlier to starting of the procedure, careful and detailed planning is important as it assists in identifying vital structures e.g. the inferior alveolar nerve and sinus even to the shape and dimension of the bone to choose the most suitable implant for amazing results to be gained. If comes to double-dimension radiographs e.g. orthopantomographs or periapicals are generally taken prior to the procedure of implants. In some cases, CT scan can even be obtained or a particular CAD or 3D CAM can assist in planning the case. Whether CT or manual-guided, a good quality stent (an acrylic wafer perfectly fitted over either the bone surface, the mucosa or the teeth having pre-drilled holes pointing out the position and the angle of the implants to be utilized) can be utilized often to adjust the placement of different

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Basic procedure of dental implants In this level, the bone is ready for optimalimplant position by use of either exactitude drills or through a hand osteotomes having high synchronized speed to stay away from either pressure necrosis or in some cases, smoldering the bone. After a short time period to allow development of the bone on the surface of implant, crowns or then a crown can be situated on to the dental implant. Detail procedure of dental implants This specific stage comprises drilling a direct hole into the edentulous jaw site (without any type of teeth) carefully to stay away from the vital structures (IAN/ inferior alveolar nerve and mental foramen within the mandible). Generally drilling comprises more than a few steps. Increasingly wider drills are utilized to expand the pilot hole completely based on the length and the width of the

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, too much care must be taken to avoid causing any harm to the osteoblasts or bone cells by overheating. A saline spray or cooling water is used to keep the bone temperature less than 47 degrees after that the

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is screwed into place at exact torque to stay away from overloading of the nearby bone that could lead to bone death that could cause failure of implant to fully integrate or bond with the bone.