SoftDEL Launches BACnet Stack with Protocol Revision PR 18

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Transcript SoftDEL Launches BACnet Stack with Protocol Revision PR 18

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To keep up with the speed of revisions in the BACnet Standard, SoftDEL expands its BACnet stack portfolio
by making a state-of-the-art BACnet stack with protocol revision 18 available to OEMs within building
automation ecosystem. The BACnet stack with PR-18 supports most of objects as defined in BACnet
standard; including network port objects, lighting objects, etc... This will help building automation OEMs to
make their controllers advanced or even it can act as a reference to their future in-house R&D and Proof of
Concepts initiatives.
We will soon be launching a PR-19 compliant BACnet stack.
Our BACnet Stack Overview
SoftDEL offers a royalty free, intelligent, and customizable BACnet stack library to building automation
OEMs. Our value-add services include BACnet training and consulting, stack integration, testing and
porting to target device application/platform.
Visit this page to know more about SoftDEL’s BACnet stack -
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