Inclusive development strategies

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Transcript Inclusive development strategies

Inclusive development
How to implement disabilityinclusive development through
development programmes?
A holistic and systemic approach to ensure
people with disabilities’ access to services
• Access to services is one of the priories to reduce
• Necessary evolution of systems of services :
establishment of an enabling system, oriented towards
supporting people with disabilities in reaching and
maintaining their optimal level of independence and
social participation, taking into account their personal
factors, their environment and their expectations
Twin-track approach : access to all mainstream services
and disability-specific support services
Setting this enabling system requires actions to:
• Ensure the required continuum of services
• Strengthen the capacities of all actors in the system
according to the role they need to play
Regulate, define strategic
orientations, policies
Evaluate needs,
ensure access,
consult and ensure
participation of
PwDs in decisionmaking
Authorities/ policy
(National level and
local level )
Ask for services,
advocate, take part in
Supply services, inform
on needs, take part in
Service Providers
(People with disabilities represented by DPOs)
Use and monitor
Regulate, allocate
sufficient means, control,
evaluate, identify
innovation, replicate
innovation, guarantee
quality (accreditation)
Analyse needs,
provide services,
ensure access
Ask for services,
choose services, utilise
services, evaluate the
quality of services
(private and public)
Provide quality services
Inclusive community approaches
• Leur objectif : réaliser les droits des personnes
handicapées à vivre de manière autonome et
être inclus au sein de leur communauté
– Community Based Rehabilitation
– Inclusive Local Development
Examples of inclusive projects funded
French Agency for Development (AFD)
• Cofunding of projects inclusive of people with disabilities:
► Mali, universal access to basic services project
► West Africa, project entitled « rights, citizenship, solidarity, inclusion
of people with disabilities »
► Cambodia, disability and HIV/AIDS project
• Technical assistance to include disability issues:
► Madagascar, accessibility project
• Technical support to include disability within the AFD:
► Awareness raising and production of a cd-rom
Key messages
• Inclusive development needs to be ‘operationalized’ through
relevant strategies, improving people with disabilities’ access to
services in all sectors.
• A systemic approach is required to facilitate the development of an
enabling system that maximizes people with disabilities’ social
participation, through a combination of inclusive mainstream and
support services.
• For the majority of people with disabilities, answer to their needs
and priorities can be found at the community level.
• Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Inclusive Local
Development (DLI) are examples of possible strategies for
improving the inclusion of disability issues in local development and
local governance, thereby enhancing access to services for people
with disabilities and their increased participation.
• The French Agency for Development has been supporting Handicap
International to implement such strategies