Impact Case Study Vuckovic

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Transcript Impact Case Study Vuckovic

School of Engineering
Creating Impact to Health,
Quality of Life and Society
Aleksandra Vuckovic
Henrik Gollee
Bioengineering Unit, University of Glasgow
Scottish Centre for Innovation in Spinal Cord Injury
Fundamental and applied
clinical research in all
disciplines relevant to the
treatment and quality of life of
people with spinal cord injury
Embedded within the clinical
Patients have access to research as
a complement to the
comprehensive clinical service
Understanding end user needs
• Matching research interest (neuroengineering) with
patients needs
Observing current hospital practice
Speaking with doctors, therapist and patients
• Informing and engaging patients in research
Spinal Injuries Scotland
Pain concern
Horizon (GU)
Collecting feedback/evidences of impact
• Translating research
Home based therapies
Abdominal muscle stimulation in tetraplegia
Assist ventilator
Introduced into clinical
practice at QENSIU
Improve respiratory
Reduce respiratory
Matching Research with Patient Needs
Clinical trials on currently hospitalised
patients and on chronic patients
• Hand therapy 20 people randomised trial
Neurorehabilitation of
Hand Function
• Chronic pain more than 50 people
engaged in assessment or therapy
• Five patients received up to 40 treatment
Treatment of Central
Neuropathic Pain
Engaging with end users
Collecting feedback
 “If a handheld or portable device could be made which you
could switch on and do the same things that we’ve been doing
in the hospital here, then that would be a big advance”. (Able
radio, 2014)
 “Previously pain controlled my life, now I’m in control of pain “
(Able radio 2014)
 “When I first came here my pain level was about a 7/10. Over
the last few months it has dropped to three. My sleep has
improved and the effects can last for two to three days
afterwards “. (Spinal Injuries Magazine Spring 2012)
 ‘l am still getting a brilliant sleep with no spasms even to the
point I have slept in a few mornings’ (email)
Cycling using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
with Hasomed
GmbH and
Concepts Ltd.
2nd International FES Sports Day 2009 at Glasgow’s Kelvinhall
Translational Research
Patients use technology developed in
out lab at their homes
• Inexpensive
• Small
• User-friendly
Neurorehabilitation of
Hand Function
• Impact Acceleration Account
Treatment of Central
Neuropathic Pain
• Knowledge Transfer
Impact on Society