Day 4 07 WCPFC

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Transcript Day 4 07 WCPFC

Professor Glenn Hurry
Executive Director
Pacific Fisheries Agencies
 National Agencies
WCPFC Structure
Key outcomes of the Commission
 Initiate Cost Recovery Project
 Improvements to ROP
 Review of VMS structure and VMS costs
 Revision of CMM 2008/01
 Implementation of the Shark program and the
improved supply of shark data
 Implement entry reporting in the Eastern High Seas
pockets management area
Key outcomes continued
 Resolve the shared area with IATTC
 Undertake Performance Review of WCPFC
 Evaluate Compliance with CMM’s
 Consider future applications by Countries for
membership to the commission
 Organize by-catch working group for Kobe 3
 Director’s housing
 Commission’s budget
CMM 2008/01
 Perception that 2008/01 elements are permanent
others argue this is not the case. Intent was to close the
High Seas areas until something better replaced the
 Philippines request for access
 PNA closure of other high seas areas
 FADs and other technologies
 Suggestions for a Freeze on capacity
 If you need a 30% reduction in bigeye catch what are
industries thoughts
Work focus for Secretariat
 Review of CMM 2008/01
 Visiting member countries to explain the
Commission’s role
 Cost recovery and VMS Consultancies
 Improving the performance of the Regional Observer
 Finding a resolution to the shared area with IATTC
 Evaluating Compliance with CMMs
 Implementing the Review of WCPFC
Work of Secretariat
 Meeting planning for up coming meetings
 Sanctions and penalties
 Internships
 The Deputy Exec Director position
 Travel to member countries not all to international
 Recreational Fishing ……….(just joking)
Half joking!………..Thanks