Pharmaceutical Advice TVPHSS

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Pharmaceutical Advice TVPHSS

Jo Linton Philippa Walters

Clinical Public Health Leadership

• • Maintain Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments* (PNA’s) for each local authority and undertake complete review by 1/4/15 *Statutory responsibility of Health and Well Being Board Establish systems and processes to provide leadership and pharmaceutical advice on the safe and effective use of medicines and pharmaceutical services in clinical public health programmes.

Public Health Intelligence/5 Local Authority PH teams/5 HWB Boards/5 Local Authority Communications Teams/ TVPHSS Clinical Advisers/ Contract Management TVPHSS/ Nursing Team TVPHSS/ Healthy Living Pharmacies Project Manager/ Business Support.

Public Health Commissioning and Contracts

• Provide pharmaceutical advice and leadership on medicines, prescribing and community pharmacy services into commissioning, contract management and service improvements for PH commissioned services including; Substance Misuse/Harm Minimisation, Smoking Cessation, School Nursing, Healthy Start, Healthy Living Pharmacies.

• Establish systems and processes for management and access of health care providers commissioned by public health to FP10 prescriptions and prescribing data ( 12 providers)

• • • • Drug Misuse/ Alcohol – Procurement / Mobilisation programmes ; 4 local authorities 13/14 Smoking Cessation – 4 areas.

Healthy Start Vitamins – 4 areas.

All community pharmacies services specification to be reviewed and converted public health contract March 2014 Public Health Intelligence/5 Local Authority PH teams/ TVPHSS Clinical Advisers/ Contract Management TVPHS/ Healthy Living Pharmacies Project Manager/ Business Support/ NHS BSA/LA Finance Leads / CCGs/Health care providers.

How is it going?

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Common purpose Nice place to be!

Getting asked to be involved in local issues • • •

Could be better

More structured approach to understanding team workload / priorities Tendency to be head down focussed on own issues Improved communication broader public health agenda and local decisions that impact on us.