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Transcript Class of 2018 Presentation

El Camino High
School Class of 2018
2016-2017 Course
Transcript Review/GPA
A-G Requirements
Junior year course
Courses: Complete all
course requirements
Credits: Complete 220
Sample GPA’s
COLLEGE Admissions (A-G) Subject
Minimum requirements:
Must earn C’s or higher
A History/Social Science - 2 years
B English - 4 years
C Mathematics - 3 years (IM3)
( 4 years strongly recommended)
D Lab Science - 2 years (3 years strongly
E World Language (French/Spanish) - 2 years
F Visual and Performing Art - 1 year
G Academic Elective - 1 year
Summer School
• Students who need to make-up
courses/credits will need to attend
summer school
• Your counselor will review your transcript
and will let you know if you need to
• Summer school will be held at El Camino
HS. Independent Study at Arden MS.
Junior Course Planner Sheet and
Sample Schedule Matrix
Base your course selection on your post
secondary goals and college major
To be on track for graduation in 2018 you
must have 70 or more credits
If you have less you need to meet with
your counselor regarding credit recovery
Juniors can TA for one period
Junior Required Coursework and
Elective Course Offerings
 English
 U.S. History
 Science
 Elective Choice*
 Elective Choice*
 Elective Choice*
 Juniors may have up
to 3 elective choices*
 Depends on your
courses needed for
graduation & college
eligibility (A-G)
 Next level of math &
world language
Course requests Planner
• Complete your course request planner
sheet (blue).
• Take the top copy home to review with a
• Select two ALTERNATE courses as back-ups
to your elective/choice courses.
• Return your signed copy when your class
meets to input courses into Q Student
Connect Account.