Agile Acquisition Outcomes

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AFCEA Conference

Tonya Crawford Overview of NGA’s Acquisition Approach

14 February 2012 1

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• Agile Acquisition Strategic Initiative • Competition Statistics • Small Business Targets • Contracting Trends • Budget Realities – Way Ahead • Business Opportunities

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Agile Acquisition Objectives

Develop and deliver a suite of tailored processes that meet customer expectations for rapid satisfaction of mission requirements.

NGA Board of Directors, August 2011 Agile Acquisition Strategic Initiative Objectives*:


Add new value through efficient, flexible, and responsive business processes 2. Use tailored acquisition strategies to rapidly and technology strategic initiatives deliver capabilities for operations 3. Increase “self” and “assisted’ service contract provisions to empower customers to order pre-negotiated supplies and services 4. Efficiently ensure full compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations



Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) Memorandum dated June 28, 2010

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Agile Acquisition Outcomes

Decrease Costs & Do More With What We Have

1. Eliminate duplication within program portfolios 2. Eliminate unnecessary administrative costs (proposal preparation) 3. Create contract provisions that empower program managers to efficiently increase quantities 4. Build enterprise solutions once and reuse them 5. Align IT acquisition strategies with IC IT efficiencies

Improve Communication & Increase Collaboration

6. Enable integrated teams to develop apps & services (industry, analysts, users & program office) 7. Provide developers a scalable, affordable, simple environment for creating, testing, and integrating their applications and services 8. Drive collaborative requirements development (SOO vs. SOW/alpha contracting) 9. Promote IC-wide Industry advisory groups 10.Create Tech fellow rotation program

Improve Performance

10.Host applications from multiple developers 11.Require unlimited data rights to maximize flexibility 12.Increase use of incentive fees to motivate cost savings, rapid delivery, and superior performance 13.Limit modifications to commercial products and easily incorporate latest commercial technology

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Agile Acquisition Outcomes (con’t)

Reduce Timelines & Increase Efficiency

14. Reduce amount of lines of accounting 15. Decrease time to transfer/accept Interagency MIPRs 16. Use Lean Six Sigma consulting to improve Configuration Control Management and Software Asset Management 17. Establish a formal Approved Products List (simplify development, integration, test, configuration mgt, and sustainment) 18. Streamline source selection evaluations - limit evaluation criteria 19. Adopt commercial best practice of emphasizing past performance and tech demos 20. Raise dollar thresholds for agency level reviews to align with external statutory/regulatory dollar thresholds 21. Assign Personal Business Advisors to each KC 22. Enhance Self and Assisted Services (Acquisition Service Catalog)

Inspire Agile Behavior

23. Improve workforce training, education, and experience 24. Expand governance processes to review and monitor "efficiency" Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 5

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Metrics and Measurements

SO1: Add new value through efficient, flexible and responsive business processes

# of Days saved from eliminating and streamlining processes $ Saved through eliminating unnecessary administrative costs and duplication $ Reprioritized to implement the Director’s objectives Average customer satisfaction ratings % of consolidated contract changes, efficient quantity increases and ECPs designed for collaborative innovation

SO2: Use tailored acquisition strategies to rapidly deliver capabilities for operations and technology strategic initiatives

# of Days to deliver capability or service % of Hardware systems hosting apps from multiple developers % of Development contracts with incentive fees and unlimited data rights $ Saved through cost under-runs, negotiations, and software volume discounts

SO3 : Increase ‘self’ and ‘assisted’ service contract provisions to empower customers to order pre-negotiated supplies and services

# of Contracts that allow Self and Assisted ordering $ Saved through cost under-runs, negotiations, and software volume discounts

SO4: Efficiently ensure full compliance with all statutes and regulations

% of Employees in compliance with acquisition certification requirements # of Positive oversight findings.

% of Programs that comply with approved cost, schedule, and performance requirements.

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NGA FY11 Competitions

COMPETITION DOLLARS 100 90 80 30 20 10 0 70 60 50 40 64% 72% 36% 28% Competed Non-Competed D/CIA DoD

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• •

Small Business Targets & Achievements for FY11 and FY12 Goals

FY11 Target % of NGA $’s Obligated FY12 Goals

Small Business Small Business * 20.4% 6.3% 27.53% 7.3% • • • • • • HUBZone Small Business Service-Disabled and Veteran Service-Disabled and Veteran * Small Disadvantage Business Small Disadvantage Business * 1.4% 3.0% 3.4% 0.4% 2.73% 3.0% 4.0% 0.37% 1.6% 20.33% 0.6% Women-Owned Small Business 2.4% 0.68% 0.9% • HBCU/MI 2.7% 1.89% 2.0% NOTE: * SB Recertification of NJVC, Chugach’s, etc. conversion to large businesses for reporting.

Large businesses incentivized to subcontract to small businesses

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Contracting Trends

• Increased focus on outcome-based requirements

– Desired capabilities versus level-of-effort FTEs – Use of Statement of Objectives (Government and industry collaborate on requirements) versus traditional Statement of Work • Less sole source contracts/more competitions • Continued use of Multiple Award IDIQ contracts – On-going best value competitions – Access to ‘best athletes” while minimizing subcontracting costs – Increased capacity to fill requirements • Contract provisions that provide for efficient quantity increases • Options for additional capacity to facilitate surge requirements • Increased opportunities for small businesses to be prime contractors through “Prime of Primes” teaming arrangements • Increased use of Firm-Fixed Price contracts • Decreased use of Award Fee contracts Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 9

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Budget Realities – Way Ahead

• Eliminate duplication within NSG program portfolios • Use of multiple prime contracts (

direct relationships

) to minimize overhead costs associated with subcontracting, while not impacting small business goals • Provide standard hardware and software as Government-Furnished Property (GFP) to developers and integrators for ease of adopting commercial products, processes and technologies • Adopt use of commercial software and applications to maximum extent possible • Provide contractors with a common development and operational environment (e.g., multiple software applications residing on a single operating environment) • Use of shorter-term contracts to drive competitive prices and latest technologies • Use of incentive fees to motivate superior performance and cost savings

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Upcoming Opportunity – SEIN

Program Management Program Management Program Management Mission Services Integrator (MSI) Mission Services Integrator Approved for Public Release 12-153 (CSI) Content Services Integrator (CSI) Application Services Integrator (ASI) Application Services Integrator ( (ASI) Infrastructure Services Integrator (ISI) Infrastructure Services Integrator Infrastructure Services Integrator Infrastructure Services Integrator

Offeror 1 Offeror 2 Offeror 3 Offeror 4 Offeror 5-n Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 11


Enterprise Service Contracts Lanes-in-the-Road

EE RDAS SMARTS/ ESMARTS* FFRDC EPASS AdminSERV Supports Enterprise Level Baseline

: • Supports Enterprise wide changes to NSG architecture • Executes plans from requirements definition phase to testing

NSG SI CLIN #6 Executes NSG requirements

• Supports interfaces with external systems • Introduces new end user capabilities • Manages system integration for segments and application services • Transitions to operations * EE & NSG SI Share responsibility for development of the integrated enterprise architecture and for closure of the NSG requirements baseline

Supports Program Level Baseline

: • Provides

SETA services


ith strict OCI

to augment program office staffs in program and portfolio management, systems engineering, security engineering, test and integration, and systems transition • Assists with acquisition planning and financial sensitive areas • Provides risk and schedule status report for assigned programs • Assesses Readiness Review materials • Reviews contractor cost estimates • Support RFC development and analysis • Participates in IV&V activities

Approved for Public Release 12-153 Supports KC-Level Requirements

: • Technical staff augmentation including systems engineering, architecture, database analysis, SW development, and scientific analyses for mission support • Assists government staff with day-to-day operations • Operational technical needs • Process development and improvement • Office specific effort • Staff Augmentation • Management Support * ESMARTS will be SMARTS follow-on contract

Non-conflicted company providing unbiased support

: • Provides R&D Systems Engineering concepts and operates R&D Laboratory • Provides Studies & Analysis Research • Provides Acquisition and Source Selection Support • Provides Independent Cost/Schedule and Risk Analysis • Provides Program Management and Contract Oversight Support

Provides analytical support across NSG

• Provides GEOINT technical support and subject matter and tradecraft expertise • Provides regional analysis, intelligence analysis, cartographic analysis, geospatial analysis, visual information services, multi-media specialists, toponymists, imagery scientists, and imagery analysis/motion imagery analysis

Provides administrative and secretarial support

: • Provides administrative and secretarial support for senior government managers • Reviews, prepares, and tracks correspondence and general office policies • Plans, coordinates and reviews all administrative management activities for the organization • Establishes and maintains computer based records and files • Manages time and attendance related office records • Maintains office calendars • Provides travel related support Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 12

Upcoming Opportunity – GDS

• Motivation

– Provides the NSG with timely, accessible GEOINT Services and Products – Implements the NGA vision for the NSG & Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG), and addresses the requirements for GEOINT in a domain structure – Replaces the current GGI contract which expires in January 2013 – Satisfies requirements in: Safety of Navigation, Foundation GEOINT, Geographic Names & Boundaries, Commercial Airborne, Human Geography, and Open Source Harvesting.

• Impact to NSG mission

– Puts the power of high quality, high volume GEOINT into more users hands – Improves analyst tradecraft by emphasizing massive population of the Data Sphere – Addresses the ever increasing demand for the best foundational and safety of navigation data Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 13

Approved for Public Release 12-153


Business Opportunities

Anticipated opportunities in next 3 months Opportunity Description

Estimated Value Legend V Very Large (> $500M) L Large ($100M - $500M) M Medium ($10M - $100M) S Small (< $10M) SEIN – Systems Engineering and Integration for the NSG SEIN combines two separate contracts Enterprise Engineering (EE) and NSG Systems Integration (SI) which will integrate enterprise architecture development and NSG requirements baseline closure ESHOP – Enterprise Strategic Hardware Operations Procurement Develop an enterprise capability for acquiring IT hardware assets supporting standard and non-standard hardware procurements

Anticipated opportunities in 3-6 months Opportunity Description

V GDS – GEOINT Data Services V RTM3 – Resource Tasking Marketplace L L L IFSP – InnoVision Future Solutions Program NCL – NSG Consolidated Libraries AGITK – Advanced Geospatial Intelligence Toolkit Follow-on M Organizational Development Take advantage of commercial technologies, build non-static data, and make innovative use of technology to take GEOINT to the next level. Expand concepts to include GEOINT workflow, exploitation, analysis, production processes. Enable needs-based & activity-based intelligence.) Provide scientific, technical, and R&D expertise to support all facets of InnoVision’s R&D mission; this is a recompete of the current InnoVision R&D (IR&D) effort Update the current library architecture to include significant increases in storage, data types, sources, performance, and replacement of legacy library architecture Provide IC and DoD image analysts with a standardized toolkit for quantitative, integrated exploitation Provides teambuilding, goal setting, group facilitation, organizational assessments, creative problem solving, and management development Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 14

Business Opportunities (continued)

Anticipated opportunities in 6 months - 1 year Opportunity Description

Estimated Value Legend V Very Large (> $500M) L Large ($100M - $500M) M Medium ($10M - $100M) S Small (< $10M) L NGA Motion Imagery Services Consolidate tactical data storage and dissemination capabilities by integrating with the NGA Consolidated Library (NCL) architecture. Provide Computer Network Defense for NGA Systems L Information Assurance (Recompete) L BOS-W - Base Operations Services – West (Recompete) L GSS – Global Support Services (Recompete) Provide base operations support to NGA West (Arnold and 2 nd Street, St. Louis) Provide analytic, technical, and logistics support in both CONUS and OCONUS expeditionary environments

Anticipated opportunities in 1- 3 years Opportunity Description

M AdminServ (Recompete) M NEWS – NGA Enterprise Workforce System (Recompete) Provide administrative services to support management and other related operational & technical needs Provide life cycle management and support for NEWS and associated Corporate Applications software (PeopleSoft) and architecture; incorporate additional functionality as required Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 15


TASER Business Opportunities

Anticipated opportunities in next 6 months Opportunity Description

GVS - GEOINT Visualization Services OGS - Online GEOINT Services ABI - Activity Based Intelligence M IPL Legacy Sustainment Estimated Value Legend V Very Large (> $500M) L Large ($100M - $500M) M Medium ($10M - $100M) S Small (< $10M) Support the NGA Vision of putting GEOINT into the hands of the users through NSG Visualization Services initiatives by: Providing online, on-demand access to our GEOINT knowledge Web service developers will continue to service enable data in support of On-line GEOINT service through 1 core support team. Model will include Requirements, Development and Maintenance Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Techniques, Tools, and Integrating Capabilities To sustain operations for Product IPLs (P-IPL) and Direct Feed IPLs (DF-IPLs) at COCOMS, Joint Intelligence Operations Centers, Service Intelligence Centers, Embassies, Government Agencies, etc.

M Global Navigation Services Develop and deploy new Safety of Navigation production system M Active Earthscape Follow-on Active Earthscape is the NSG Enterprise orthorectification web service providing orthophotos, orthomosaics, Digital Elevation Model (DEMs) and Web Map Services (WMS) coverage services S eXploit Software Development/Deployment Develop and Deploy the new ASP Baseline Software to the IEC Workstations S S S Human Geography Pilot SERS - Seafloor Earth Reference System Enterprise Search & Integration Services HG is part of the Foundation GEOIN (GF) domain. Piloting of a hard engineering problem may be an HG Analytic Relational Store of a virtualized layer of the Data Warehouse Currently TO#0008. In FY12, a previously unfunded NAVY requirement is now funded for $3.8M. Incorporating requirement will change many aspects of the operational baseline design & sustainment Design, develop, and deliver prototype to perform context retrieval and alerting on NGAnet Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 16

Recent Business Opportunities

In Source Selection


ESMARTS – Enterprise Support to Management and Resources for Technical Services


Provide enterprise-wide technical and management support services for NGA in 20+ labor categories with approximately 600+ FTE’s; this is the competitive follow-on to the current SMARTS program HDM – Human Development Management Provides end-to-end processes to manage people resources, from recruitment to retirement and everything in between Recently Awarded


CCLS – Center for Creative Learning Solutions LPD – Leadership & Professional Development


Curriculum development in technical skills training Leadership and non-technical professional development Leadership Coaching Provides 1-on-1 executive coaching using a cadre of certified professional coaches to effect deep, sustainable change . Supports the NGA mission through enhanced leadership effectiveness Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM 17

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Finding Business Opportunities with NGA

IC ARC (Acquisition Resource Center) - includes CAE/SPE info for industry Federal Business Opportunities

– Search for “Other Defense Agencies” – then Select “National Geospatial Intelligence Agency”

Federal Assistance - Grants Opportunities

“Business Opportunities” page

– Small Business Interaction with NGA – Industry Interaction Acquisition with NGA Established in 2003 to serve as NGA’s single point of contact for industry to interact with NGA to facilitate industry interaction and collaboration on topics of potential interest to NGA

Small Business Programs Office

– Email:

[email protected]

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