Pre Season Captains Meeting 2014

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Transcript Pre Season Captains Meeting 2014

Aegon Team Tennis 2014
Pre Season Captains’ Meeting
March 2014
Meeting Format
6.30pm – 6.45pm
Arrival (light refreshments available)
From 6.50
Aegon Team Tennis Competition Overview
Your League Details
Organising Matches / Pre Match Checklist
On Match Day – Resolving On Court Issues / Rules Queries
Post Match – The Online Results Process / Feedback Process
Review / Questions / Conversations with other Captains
Approx 8.30
What is Aegon Team Tennis?
Team Tennis is a singles based team
competition for registered places to
It aims to provide players of all ages
(8&U – Open) with regular league
matches, against similar standard
players in a competitive team
The majority of teams play at the
County Tier, with the opportunity for
stronger teams to compete regionally
and nationally
Events & Match Formats
• 8&U (Red Ball) is a mixed competition
with 4 players - 16 singles rubbers
• 9&U (Orange Ball) is a mixed competition
with 4 players – 8 singles, 2 doubles
• 10&U (Green Ball) is a mixed competition
with 4 players – 4 singles, 2 doubles
- 12&U – 18&U events run for both Boys
and Girls. Division 1 format is 4 singles and
2 doubles. In some leagues a 2 singles, 1
doubles format is used in Division 2
• Open (adult) events for Men and Women with 4 singles and 2 doubles
rubbers. Promotion/Relegation structure from year to year (structure can be
seen online)
Premier 12&U – 18&U
The Premier 12&U-18&U event is in
place for highly rated 12&U, 14&U and
18&U teams.
Acceptance year to year based on the
British Tennis ratings of the 6 nominated
players for that team
4 Regions - Grade 3 Ranking event
A second and third tier exists in some
regions to allow for more appropriate
matches for these teams and for County
Tier teams
National Finals in July
National/Regional Open (adult)
The National/Regional Open offers
regional & national competition to the top
players (aged 14+) and teams in the
Top 160 Men’s and Women’s Teams
Promotion/Relegation Structure
Professionally organised teams and
Playoffs & National Open Finals
£100,000 in Prize Money with £10,500
awarded to an unbeaten team
Your Team Tennis League
Aegon Team Tennis is a competition that takes place in England, Scotland,
Wales and the Channel Islands. Each county run their own Team Tennis
Your league name:
Number of Clubs:
Number of Teams:
Your league organiser:
Contact Details:
Aegon Team Tennis <County Name> 2014
Competition Timeline (post entry stage)
• By 28 February – Draws & Fixtures emailed to team captains
• w/b 3 March – Combined captains guide/rule book posted to club main
contacts to distribute. Delivery approx. 7th March
• 14 March – Direct email from your league organiser detailing the
‘Online Results Process’ with a club login/password. This is shared
among all teams – do not change the name/password
• 5 April – Season begins
• 22 June – End of league season (rain date weekend)
• August – All division winners receive a personalised pennant in
recognition of their success (also badges for 8&U, 9&U and 10&U)
Key Changes & Messages 2013-14
2013-14 Feedback Key Information
Commitment & Walkovers – Most teams will require 6 or more players to
complete all matches during the season. Regular and clear
communication with players and parents during the season is
essential. Sharing match dates as early as possible is very important
Match Day Hospitality – Welcoming teams to your tennis venue and
providing refreshments during and after the match is something the
organisers strongly encourage. This is a unique aspect of team
competition. Minimum requirements are set out in the Captains’ Guide
County Tier Match Dates – Matches will continue to be played on fixed
match dates to help all those involved plan their player & court
availability in advance. Matches can be played before the match date
if both team captains agree or at any time between 10am and 4pm on
match day to help ease court pressure
New for 2014 - Matches scheduled on Saturday can be played on the
immediate Sunday following the match date (next day) if both team
captains agree
Organising Matches - Pre Match Checklist
The recommended pre-match timeline (Page 5) for
organising matches will enhance the experience for
everyone involved. Make use of the NEW Captains’
Planner PDF to help you organise your team
- Confirming the match date & venue
- Communication with your
- Make sure your players are linked to
your club through their BTM
- Booking Courts early
- Making team selections
- Reminder to your players & opposition in
the week before the match
- Check equipment is available
Avoiding Walkovers
Online Captains’ Area / A6 Captains’ Guide
Aegon Team Tennis 2014 Season
5 April 2014 – 22 June 2014
Captains’ Role on Match Day (Home Team)
Page 6 of the Captains Guide offers support
for home and away teams on match day:
- Rules & Scorecard (essential). Check your
players’ BTM number and rating on the day
- Arrival Time: collect equipment including
net winders, singles sticks and scoreboards
if available
- Welcome your opposition
- Stay close to the court (page 31 will help
you resolve on court issues) / Fair Play
- Match day hospitality
Captains’ Role on Match Day (Away Team)
Page 6 of the Captains’ Guide offers
support for home and away teams on
match day:
- Have a copy of the Rules (Captains’
Guide) & Scorecard
- Meeting Point (factor in journey time)
- Respect your opposition and their club
- Stay close to the court (page 31 will
help you resolve on court issues)
- Sign the scorecard before you leave
Captains’ Post Match Tasks (Page 7)
Online Draw / Fixtures – Sent in late Feb
Media & Promotion
Some great ways to promote your team and club
during the season include:
Let people at your venue know about the match
Send in your photos to [email protected]
copying in your league organiser
Send photos and reports to
your local newspaper
Promote through your club
notice board and website
Social events and evenings at your club
End of Season
Players, captains and parents will be able to feedback through an online survey from
1 May 2014 until 31 July 2014 at
Personalised Pennants will be sent out as prizes to all Division Winners. Pennants will
be sent to the Main Contact at your Place to Play in August
Good luck to you and your team (s) during the Team Tennis 2014 season!
Your league name:
Your league organiser:
Contact Details:
Team Tennis <County>