Biathlon Sports Historian

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Biathlon Sports Historian
Will Bruns
Carl Johan Bergamn
Is in the 10 km sprint and 12.5km pursuit
Helena Jonsson
Is in the 7.5km sprint and 10km pursuit
Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek
Is in the 7.5 km sprint, 10km pursuit and 12.5km
mass start
• Men: individual 20km, sprint 10km, pursuit
12.5km, mass start 15km, relay 4 x 7.5km
• Women: individual 15km, sprint 7.5km,
pursuit 10km, mass start 12.5km and relay 4
x 6km
• Skis, suits and ski poles
• Small bore rifle made for the biathlon which
uses .22 caliber ammunition
• Target range is 50m, it has a daimeter of 4.5
inches and while laying down u have to hit
the inner white part which has a diameter of
• Whistler Olympic park
• 14km of competition trails there are 22
cross-country and biathlon trails
• There are also 45km of warm-up grounds