Transcript TENNIS

There are two or four players who hit the ball over the net with a racket .
The aim of the game is to score points. This happens when : 1. the opponent can’t
take the ball and drops it to the ground in his part of the field; 2. the ball falls in
the opponent's court and is allowed to bounce twice without being returned;
3. the opponent gives too much power to the shooting and sends the ball out of
the field ; 4. the ball hits the net .
There are different types of tennis courts:
-The red ground (made of clay), the most popular tennis
mantle in continental Europe and in South America.
-The green ground, a mantle used almost
exclusively in the United States.
-the blue ground, a new surface produced by traditional
red ground, previously bleached and subsequently
recoloured to blue. It was used for the first time in
Madrid in 2012, but, as a result of numerous critical
comments, it was decided to return to the red ground.
-The concrete, fast surface and
-The synthetic, so named for the material
spread all over the world.
-The grass, the most classic of tennis surfaces, formed by a small blanket of grass on a hard
earth layer : it needs constant maintenance and for this reason it is spread among the most
important and rich circles. In fact it is the classic green surface of the most famous Grand
Slams, Wimbledon.
The best male tennis player is Rafael
Nadal. He is Spanish: he is considered one
of the best tennis players of all times.His
nickname is “King of clay” because he has
won 8 Roland Garros out of the 13 Slams
that he has played.He started playing
tennis when he was 8.He is at the first
place of ATP (Association of Tennis
The best female tennis player is Serena
Williams.She is American : she was born in
Saginaw, Michigan on 26 September in
1981. She is the only tennis player who
has won 50 million dollars in her carreer ,
which is not over yet. She has won 17
slams out of 21 ; she has won 57
tournaments in all of her career. She is
one of the best tennis players in the
history of WTA(Women’s Tennis
• 1)Cuffs
• 2)Bandana
• 1) Tennis racket;
• 2)Tennis ball.
• 1) T-Shirt with shorts;
• 2)Tennis shoes.
• 1)Tennis dress;
• 2)Tennis skirt;
• 3)Tennis shoes.
• In a tennis match there are 7 referees:
• 6 referees who check if the ball is in or out, called “linesmen”;
• 1 referee who checks if the ball is in or out; if the ball has touched the net
during the service and he gives the score.
• TEXT AND LAYOUT: Andrea and Niccolò
• IMAGES: Alex and Marco