Crossroads Generalization

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Transcript Crossroads Generalization

On a separate piece of paper, support the
following generalization with evidence
from Chapter 25. Please copy
generalization first.
• Generalization:
o The Middle East is considered to be the
“crossroads” of the world because of its
strategic location and cultural diffusion.
o Support:
• Why: over thousands of years, migrating people,
traders, and conquers crossed the Middle east
• Strategic Location
o Located on 3 continents – Africa, Asia, Europe
o Connected major trade routes - Economic
• Ancient times to present
• Land and sea
• Caravans from India and China
• Mediterranean Sea connected Europe to Middle East
• Red Sea to east Africa
• Suez Canal
• Straits
• Many Ethnic groups settled and cultural contact
o Oil
• through Straits of Hormuz at mouth of Persian Gulf
o Military Reasons
Cultural Diffusion
o Many ethnic groups and languages
o Examples
• Iron making: Hittites
• Alphabet: Phoenicians
• Law Codes: Hammurabi
• Sumerian achievements: wheel, plow,
measurement based on 60
• Persian innovations to government and trade
• Greek: Hellenistic Civilization
• Rome: laws/government/Christianity
• Religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
• Through Middle East from Asia
o Arabic numerals from India
o lateen sail