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Judaism vs. Islam
Bell Work
 What two early civilizations developed
in the Middle East?
 What three continents intersect at the
crossroads of the M.E.?
 What three world religions developed
out of the M.E.?
 Israel became and nation in what year?
Complete the Chart
Category Islam
# of
Current Rank in Size
Islam: 2nd Largest
Judaism: 12th Largest
Christianity: Largest
Sacred Text
Islam: Koran
Judaism: Bible (O.T.)
Christianity: Bible
Islam: Imams
Judaism: Rabbis
Christianity: Priests, Ministers,
Pastors, Bishops
House of Worship
Islam: Mosque
Judaism: Synagogue
Christianity: Church or Cathedral
Main Day of Worship
Islam: Friday
Judaism: Saturday
Christianity: Sunday
Date Founded
Islam: 622 CE
Judaism: unknown
Christianity: 33 CE
Islam: Muhammad
Judaism: Abraham
Christianity: Jesus
Islam: monotheistic
Judaism: monotheistic
Christianity: monotheistic
Names of Supreme Being
Islam: Allah
Judaism: YHWH or Elohim
Christianity: YHWH
Identity of Jesus
Islam: Prophet whose message has
been corrupted
Judaism: False Prophet
Christianity: Son of God
Views of other Religions
Islam: Jews and Christians are
respected as “People of the Book,”
but they have wrong beliefs.
Judaism: Islam and Christianity are
false interpretations of Judaism.