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Transcript Monroe-Apartments-June23-2010

Monroe Apartments June 23, 2010  Welcome and opening remarks: Colonel Anthony Reyes  Remarks by W. H. H. Trice and Company: Cathleen McCartney and Olina Owata  Introduction of Fort Monroe Authority (FMA) team: Bill Armbruster  Explanation of the ownership/management change: Bill Armbruster

Monroe Apartments  Transition Plan:  Jerry Moore, FMA  Kim Merritt, Old Point Comfort Real Estate Services, LLC  Kim Gross, Old Point Comfort Real Estate Services, LLC

Kim Merritt

    experienced in property management in both public and private residential portfolios integral part of the start-up process when 4,000 homes were transitioned to the private sector in 2005 managed 1,200 homes transitioned at Fort Eustis in 2008-2009 recently, portfolio consists of private apartment communities that are home to many members of all branches of the military

Kim Gross

 Will be the on-site manager for the Monroe Apartments after transfer on August 1  Extensive experience in the management of military housing, both private and government-run properties  Part of start-up operations team for 6,000 homes transferred from the Navy in San Diego, 1,300 homes at Marine Corps Base Quantico, and 4,000 homes transfer from the Navy in Hampton Roads

Sterling Oaks, Norfolk; Ocean Pebbles, Virginia Beach; Chelsea at Lee Hall, Newport News

Transition Plan 

Objective: to make the transition from Trice to OPCRES as seamless as possible with no increased

cost to residents

New Leases

 Process:  Due to change in management, existing leases will terminate on July 31, 2010  New leases will be effective August 1, 2010  New leases will expire on the same day as your current lease  Rental rate will be the same as your current lease  Security deposits will be transferred from Trice to FMA  Rules and regulations will remain the same  Some additional D.O.D. requirements tied to environmental matters will be added to your lease

Leasing Priority

“Waterfall” approach to leasing will be used to prioritize who rents at Monroe Apartments:  Active military stationed at Fort Monroe  Active foreign military stationed at Fort Monroe  Civilians working at Fort Monroe  Active military stationed at other posts  Retired military  General public

Renewal of Leases

 Upon expiration of your new lease, you will be able to sign a 6 month or one year extension at the same rate (no increase in the monthly rent)  Example:  Current lease expires October 31, 2010  New lease effective August 1, 2010  New lease expires October 31, 2010  Extension of six months will expire April 30, 2011  Extension of one year will expire October 31, 2011

Signing a New Lease

 New leases will be written starting July 20 and ending July 28  [email protected]

 Temporary “Monroe Apartment Leasing Office” established in Building 49  Leasing office hours:  Tues-Fri, July 20-23, noon to 6pm  Sat, July 24, 10am-2pm  Mon-Wed, July 26-28, noon to 6pm

Location of Building 49

Building 49

Important Steps to Take

 Make your August rent check payable to Fort Monroe Authority  Mailing address remains the same  Please help us notify any of your neighbors who are deployed or planning to be out of town so we can make necessary arrangements regarding their new lease  Please complete the sign in sheets with all information requested

When You Sign Your New Lease

 Please bring the following when you come to sign your new lease:  Photo identification  Copy of your current lease  List of vehicles and license plate numbers  Verification of dependents


July 29, 2010 Pavilion 5 5:00 to 7:00 Hosted by Fort Monroe Authority


[email protected]