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Geek out with Google Forms & Scripts!

Katie Plunkett & Maria Lewis

Charlottesville City Schools December 2012

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What are google forms? • How can they help you in the classroom? • Examples of a variety of different forms • What is a script? • Useful resources

What are Google forms?

Using forms in your school:

• Teachers: o classroom activities, data collection, assessments • Administrators: o Data collection, Observations, Discipline forms, Anecdotal notes • Guidance Counselors: o Data collection, completing weekly/daily forms

Creating a form:

1. Log in to your Google account & go to Google Drive. 2. Click on the Create button and choose form from the list.

3. Give your form a name and begin adding questions. 4. The form has two views: edit mode & spreadsheet mode. *Template gallery:

Here are some examples:

• Classroom examples: o o Parent Contact form:  States and capitals quiz:  • Staff examples: o Technology survey o  Google Ninja Program: 

First Day of School activity:

• Use as a way to get to know your students • Find out interests and ways they enjoy learning

Collect data for students to use:

• • • Data collection for Science or Math projects Collect information for your class and use in word problems Find out what your students are reading

• • •

Student response: Showing a video:

Use during or after a video Students take notes and provide feedback for the teacher after class.

Data collection: Guided reading group

• • Easy way to collect data during or after guided reading Simple record to use to refer to later

Pre-assessment for a unit:

• • Find out what students know Use data to create research groups

Book Review & online reading record :

• • • Find out what students are reading Have a log to share with students and parents Add short answer or discussion questions to the form

Student assessments:

(group & lesson)

• • • Lesson Review: o Gain feedback from students on a lesson. Group Assessments: o Have students grade themselves & their peers. Exit Ticket: o Simple assessment for students on a daily basis.

Homework & Attendance Check:

• Daily form to check homework, attendance, take daily grades • After school program-Data collection

Classroom Examples: Administrators:

• Observation Form: • Discipline records:

Google Flip Packs

• Uses Google presentations and forms to share information and see what students know.

Parent information:

• Collect data & information from parents when they come to school.

o PTO meetings o o Back to School night Content evenings (Math Night or Science Night)

Ideas for using forms & templates:

• Ideas for using forms: o o Tom Barrett's: 85 ways to use Google Forms  Colette Cassinelli: Google Certified Teacher  • Google Template gallery: o

What is a script?

• Scripts are a short code that you can include in Google apps that allows you to customize the google tools to work for you. • All done from within Google.

Flubaroo: Quick & instant feedback

• • • • Script that will grade assessments quickly Teachers and students like gaining feedback quickly Use for formal & informal assessments: o o o o Exit tickets Check for understanding Quick feedback tool & access to data Quiz/Tests Helpful video: o

Flubaroo example:

• CCS Google Ninja Program: o Staff professional development program used with quizzes for November PD. o o Teachers worked through training materials and then took short quizzes. Flubaroo script was used to grade assessments. • Try it out now!



Written by an educator for educators, the free doctopus script gives teachers the ability to auto generate, pre-share, and manage grading and feedback on templated Docs for group and individual projects.

Start by creating a Google spreadsheet with student names and emails.

formMule (aka "The Mule")

• An automatic calendar booking system • Users add events/information to the system, notifies the manager and invites the requester to the event • Used by schools for facilities management, parent teacher conferences, equipment reservations, and discipline tracking.


Google Snooze

• • Overwhelmed by email Desiring a way to prioritize messages g/2011/07/what-is-gmail-snooze and-how-to-use-it/ • Another option: Pause it!

Save Gmail Attachment Directly into Google Drive

Gmail Meter

Gmail Merge to-do-mail-merge-using-google.html

Useful Resources:

• • • • • Intro to Google Apps Scripts: o Google Script Developers tutorials: o Google Education OnAir Hangouts: o Google Apps YouTube channel: o Google Docs YouTube channel: o

More useful resources:

• • • o Open source development for educators--created by the maker of Flubaroo  youpd: o Great site with resources for online professional development and blended learning.  Phillip Martin Clip Art: o

Feel free to contact us with questions:

• Katie Plunkett, ITRT o [email protected]

• Maria Lewis, Coordinator of Tech Integration o [email protected]