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Business Plan Presentation Nutrition4Sports


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Venture Mission and Strategy Business environment Execution Risk Analysis  Key Assumptions and Financials

Our Mission

Create value for customers and nutrition companies and raise the sales through cheap marketing ideas.

Strategic Intent

Our intent is to help nutrition companies to increase their brand value

Key actions: • • • Find new marketing channels for nutrition companies Make an application/applications, improve facebook sites Make a new ordering system

Our Earnings Logic

Customers are sportsmen like bodybuilders, athletes or keep-fit enthusiasts. They pay for nutrition supplements and sports equipments. Why: Improving recovery, getting in better shape (burning fat, building muscles) and need for new clothes and equipments.

Business Environment

• Description: Nutrition supplements and fighting equipments for sports •Size: In Finland many nutrition shops and almost all grocery stores sell some kind of nutrition •Geography: Finland •Trends: Fighting sports have become more and more popular, and people also use more nutrition supplements •Product/Service concept: Wrange has one store in Helsinki and a fetch stock in Vantaa an online shop, where customers can order items which are delivered to the customer.

Business Environment

 Competition:  Direct: Plenty of nutrition companies and almost all sport stores, which have similar product concepts, but different brands.

 Substitution: Food stores

Project Execution

Key Milestones: (service and business)

New marketing channels

Market research

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Complete business plan Complete the application and testing it Creating the group ordering system, testing it

Risk Analysis


 Market:  Competitors offer lower    prices.

Marketing failure (lose customers).

Target group (choosing the wrong one) application •


Market     If Wrange has higher prices, then we have to offer something better like distribution or some extra goods Keeping the customers by good offers and try to keep them interested in fighting sports and gym Market research, own experiences Competition, Youtube video  Technology/Product:  Price and quality  Does people know about nutrition supplements or its benefits  Technology/Product   Marketing the good sides and benefits for health of particular product Tips for beginners, diet application

Key Assumptions And Financials

 Summarize the assumptions under which this business plan is valid  Financials according to the F&C template, add NPV calculation and put a graph (NPV/time in this presentation)

Market Research ctd

 Our target is to increase their market share.

Market research

      Potential users of nutritions in Finland is almost everyone in the age of 15+ The number of users who really buys some kind of nutritions is something like 100000-500000. Wrange: How much would they pay:- Heavy users 100-400 euros per month and average user 20-50 euros Trends in buying behaviour: New trends like using nutritions as a snack, easy and quick to use, healthier lifestyle Market share to capture: 15-25% in one year, with group ordering system and new ways of marketing


         There is many competitors like other nutrition webstores(, jrFitness) and also quite many grocery stores sell nutritions Quite same customers Advantages has lower prices 1.Competition for money in general •What needs to satisfy: Quality/price 2.Product competition Ease to get products, quality 3.Brand competition Wrange is quite strong brand in nutiritions

Group / profile # of persons Gym people 20-40 Goal of contact How (interview, survey...) Ready by Get opinions for group ordering system Interview and survey In 2 weeks Ice Hockey players Soccer players Couple different clubs Ask opinion about group ordering system Contacted via email In 2 weeks Couple different clubs Ask opinion about group ordering system Contacted via email In 2 weeks Keep fit enthusiasts in general 20 What does normal people think about group ordering system Interview In 2-3 weeks

Marketing Mix

Competitive Advantage of Service

through Facebook and we can get visitor on our nutrition diet application and group ordering system 

Marketing Mix

 Service Description: Facebook is the most famous social networking web-site through which all the people can stay in touch with their friends.

 Price: ????

 Promotion: -Create viral marketing video to attract more visitor to our web-site -Diet application -Competition  Place: -first of all we focus on the finland area