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How their alliances, saved their companies.
Alliance began in 1999
Renault Company owns 44% of the Nissan Company
Nissan Company owns 15% of the Renault Company
Alliance has seen a sales boost of 50% from 2.5 million
vehicles to 3.7 million vehicles
The company expects to post a profit of $4.5 Billion by
the end of 2008.
Much of the success of the alliance is attributed to the
CEO of Renault (now Nissan-Renault) Carlos Ghosn
Alliance began in 1998
 Merger of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler
 Chrysler reported losses of $1.5 billion in
 Daimler-Chrysler sold the Chrysler unit to
Cerberus Capital Management in 2007 for
$6 Billion
Energy Efficient Vehicles
Like any other auto company, the Nissan-Renault alliance is facing various
challenges in the auto manufacturing industry. The cost of building
environmental friendly vehicles are very costly than the customers are
willing to pay for them. The auto industry lacks equity that makes some
companies experience hardships in stabilizing their sales.
With the struggles of Nissan and Chrysler, the possibility of exploring energy
efficient vehicles would not have been possible. With the creation of the
alliances, the exploration has begun.
The Egg White Company would provide a great deal of help to both
companies. They are an established company, that has already done its
research in the industry.
With the established Egg White car, the engineering departments will be
able to adapt the technology already established, in larger vehicles, fit for
any size family.
Top 15 Automakers in 2007
1. Toyota
2. General Motors
3. Volkswagen
4. Ford
5. Honda
6. PSA
7. Nissan
8. Fiat
9. Renault
10. Hyundai
11. Suzuki
12. Chrysler
13. Daimler
14. BMW
15. Mitsubishi
The formation of these alliances have
saved Chrysler and Nissan from near
 The alliance has increased sales and
production of the auto makers.
 The alliance has given each company the
ability to explore energy efficient vehicles.