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It’s A Grind Interior Design A new direction for the Instructor’s Room at SDSU

Overview Background Needs Design Rationale Summary

Background Space is limited Some items get used Other items are in the way No food allowed = less inviting “Helpers of last resort”

Analysis: Users Consultants Instructors Teaching Assistants Visiting Professors

Analysis: Needs More important Scan Machines - vital Specialized Applications Binding and finishing supplies Meeting area Consultants!

Analysis: Needs Less important Video editing equipment Library of outdated books Training sessions Counter storage Extra cubicle

Analysis: Data

Design concept Open up the space Provide for Two consultants Scan machines Computers Lounge area Transient/meeting area Binding & finishing area

Design Concept (Add Floorplan Here)

Design Concept (add color scheme, representative fabrics, sample furniture, etc here)

Rationale Feng-Shui in the classroom Traffic patterns Proximity of Purpose Consideration for services (plumbing, electrical, lighting, HVAC)

Rationale (add other topics)

Summary Analysis of users and needs Design prototype Rationale based on research Please see our design wiki page Questions?