Chinese Painting

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Chinese Painting
By Emma Cilley
This is about Chinese painting. You are going to learn about everything
you want about Chinese painting. So just kick back, relax, and learn.
You will also learn about the colors they use to paint, famous paintings,
sculptures, and what they paint.
Styles Painters Use
These are some styles painters use: Realism, Impressionism,
abstract, pictographs. Traditional painting is based on 8 brush
strokes. They are used in calligraphy. The Chinese are famous for
their traditional arts in painting. In ancient times the Chinese
people thought calligraphy to be the most beautiful art form.
Famous Painting And Sculptures
Here are some famous paintings and sculptures. The gilt fish,
swallowed tail butterfly, Ming cup, king of flowers , scared blossoms,
fruit of paradise, lasting beauty, flower of fortune, bronze flower vase
song and Yuan dynasty. Those were some famous sculptures and
Colors The Chinese Use To Paint
Here are some colors that the Chinese use to paint with. The most
common color to paint with is black. Indigo, phthayanine (darkish
purple), green, burnt sienna, carmine, rouge. Here are some colors that
can be used but they are not used a lot. Pink, blue, dark purple, yellow.
The color that is really not used at all is orange.
What Things The Chinese Paint
Here are some things that Chinese paint : bowls, pots, stools, tea
holder, bronze spear heads, pictures, and body jewelry. They are things
with gracefulness and they are calm when they paint. The Chinese say
that you can never paint well when you are mad. You have to keep calm.
The paintings bring good fortune.
Overall, Chinese painting is very nice to do. People use all kinds of
styles, things they paint, and colors. Chinese painting is very important
to their culture. So I hope you have learned a lot of Chinese painting.
Also, thank you for watching!
The End