ROYLE PTO Presentation DPS K-5 Instructional Tech Jan 2014

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Transcript ROYLE PTO Presentation DPS K-5 Instructional Tech Jan 2014

K-5 Instructional Technology
Royle PTO Meeting – 1/15/14
Christina L. Hefele
K-12 Technology/Data Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Elementary Technology Update
K-5 Technology Improvements
Replacement of classroom student computers
Implementation of SMARTBoards Sped Classrooms
Purchase of document cameras for each school
Purchase of digital cameras for each school
Implementation of Dreambox Learning Math K-5
Implementation of RAZ Kids for Literacy district wide
Pilot of Nooks for elementary libraries
New Typing Program Implemented
Implementation of new teacher evaluation system
Implementation of district wide Blog Tool for teachers
Rollout Aspen/School Messenger for K-5 Parents –
Emergency Contacts
• Upgrades to Network/Wireless Infrastructure
Anticipated K-5 Technology Improvements
• Increase the number of computers available for students in
• Further implementation of SMARTBoards for Sped
• Implementation of new typing program K-2
• Replacement of elementary laptop carts
• Increase amount of Student Devices available
• Upgrades of teacher computers
• Implementation of additional tools to promote digital
collaboration and communication
• Continued preparation for SBAC Testing
• New Video System implementation
• Upgrade of elementary computer labs
• Additional software implementation to support UDL
• Increased Technology PD for teachers
• Revisions of curriculum
District Wide Mobile Device Pilots
• Nooks available in Elem/Middle School Libraries
• 10 SRBI specialists using iPads with SRBI students
• iPads being used and tested with special education students
per IEP (40+)
• Chrome Books on cart being tested at high school
• iPads on a cart pilot DHS/MMS
• DHS Math class testing 1:1 computing model using
Windows tablets
• Mobile Device Management Tool implemented to support
management of devices
**Data from pilots will help inform our mobile device strategy
BYOD vs. District Devices.
Instructional Technology
Current Darien Technology Curriculum
2006 CT/ISTE Curriculum Standards – Focus on
building proficiency in computer technology skills
and competencies
Basic operations and concepts
Social, ethical, and human issues
Technology Productivity Tools
Technology Communication Tools
Technology Research Tools
Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools
21st Century Curriculum Overview
Current ISTE Curriculum Standards - focus on
citizenship, digital community, creativity and
innovation and placing technology in a social
Creativity and Innovation
Communication and Collaboration
Research and Information Fluency
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision
▫ Digital Citizenship
▫ Technology Operations and Concepts
K-5 Common Core & Technology
• Create, produce and publish writing using technology
• Read, analyze, interpret digital text, graphs, charts,
animations etc..
• Use technology to interact and collaborate
• Discuss details of digital text
• Use electronic menus and icons to locate key facts
• Create audio recordings of stories and poems
• Navigate online resources and digital information using
key words, searches
K-5 Common Core & Technology
Incorporate multimedia into student-created
writings (audio, video, graphics)
Take notes from digital sources
Keyboard Efficiently
Grade 4: type a minimum of one page in a single
Grade 5: type a minimum of two pages in a
single sitting
Source Information ethically and responsibly
Smarter Balanced Consortium
Assessment (SBAC)
Smarter Balanced Facts
Darien elected to participate in field test in 2014
CT scheduled for full implementation in 2015
Field Test is “test of a test”
No test results expected
Test in 2015 designed to be Adaptive
No time limits on tests
Embedded tools/support for all students
▫ highlighter, note taker, zoom, keyboard shortcuts,
• Grade 5 still take CMT Science
Sample Math Question Task – Gr. 3
Sample Math Performance Task – GR. 5
Sample ELA Question – Gr. 4
Sample ELA Performance Task –
Sample ELA Performance Task
Preparing Technology for SBAC Testing
• Infrastructure/Backend Upgrade
▫ 4 of 7 buildings complete; remaining next few weeks
• Assessment of Technology throughout the district
▫ Current Computer Labs
▫ Establishing Secondary testing locations (overflow)
• Began deployment of SBAC software needed to
administer test
Preparing Students for Field Test
• Implementation of New Keyboarding Program K-2
Type2Learn Jr. (left side, right side)
▫ Grades 3-5 Type2Learn (touch typing method) –
Implemented in School;
▫ Rollout for at home use next 2-3 weeks.
▫ Grades K-2 Type2Learn Jr. – February
• Teachers taking Practice Tests
• Ongoing discussion on how to prepare students
• Tips for Teachers to use with students on Navigating
▫ Word Processing Efficiencies
▫ Embedded Tools
▫ Dual Scroll
• Students will participate in online training modules
Parent Resources
• Smarter Balanced
▫ Parent Site:
▫ Practice Test:
• Technology in Darien
▫ Instructional Technology Blog:
• Darien Parent Wiki
For more Information about SBAC:
Elementary Parent Workshop on
Smarter Balanced Field Test –
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
7:00 P.M.
District Wide Elementary Parent
Technology to Support Learning–
March 26, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
April 2, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
at Ox Ridge Elementary School